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Wood Camp Stoves Guide and Review

We provide useful info about the wood camp stoves, including the advantages and disadvantages for hiking, backpacking and camping.

The attraction to these stoves for most, is about looking after the environment and fuel efficiency.

Getting a wood stove started only requires small pieces of wood, wood chips, wood pellets, or even twigs found.

The other name used for wood camping stoves is wood gas stoves. The basic wood stoves work in a different way than wood gas stoves. The gas types create heat in two ways, by burning the wood then gas the wood creates.

How Do They Work?

Why are they called wood gas? How do they work? In the first stage when the wood has started to burn well, it starts gasifying the wood in the lower section of the stove with the help of a air flow. Within the second stage the air produced by the electric fan within the stove with the wood gas produces more heat. Basically, you receive heat from the wood first and then heat from the gas produced by the wood and air.

The stoves apparently work if you unplug the fan or without one; the fan supports and controls air and creates a hotter flame just like a blacksmiths forge. The fans are battery operated.

The link here is one of the Wood Gas Camp stove LEwood camp stoves models available on the market.

Homemade Type

Many people make there own home made camping wood stoves. This is one in the video below.

Advantages - Disadvantages

The first advantage for using these stove's will be supplying fuel from using natural wood found on the trail. I first thought what if there is no wood or all the wood is wet? Thinking about this a little more , it may just need a little preparation by collecting small pieces throughout the day especially if the wood is damp or its raining to keep it dry.

Some of the stoves are able to be used as a alcohol stove as well. If concerned about wood supply, a small bottle of alcohol kept in the backpack incase the need arises which provides a 2nd option.

They are suitable for various adventures, including hiking, backpacking, camping etc. They are available or can be made very lightweight. However, for those needing a rolling boil fast like the jetboil stove provides, this may not be the best option.

High winds when camping would cause me concern with this stove, without a decent wind sheild, I feel the boiling time would increase even more. Although, Im impatient, when hunger strikes I want to eat asap.

Some of these stoves would use too much backpack room for some minimalist's. However, they can be made smaller or a few stores supply a wood camping stove that can be taken apart which is the perfect solution.

For those that put taking care of the environment above other needs it is one of the best options out there.

The video below is a stove available that packs better than most. It comes apart at the mid section allowing the sections to be put together more compact. An aspect, backpackers will appreciate. Available at

The main stores for gear and camps stoves do not sell the wood camp stoves. However, Amazon sell's 2 sizes Wood Gas Camp Stove LEwood camp stoves and the larger Wood Gas Camp Stove XLwood camping stove

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