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Various Types Of Camping Showers

Camp showers are a great advantage for some outdoor enthusiasts, although they're not necessary for everyone, they can be for others.

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Each type including the solar type have their advantages and disadvantages that's explained here.

Most campgrounds now have a place to have a shower, although some may not or others may be very inefficient, or out of use, making these a great option.

These can be a great piece of camping kit for backpacking/hiking and other outdoor adventures if there is no shower at the camp site, your staying out in the wilderness, you don't like to rely on camp site showers, or you just don't like waiting in the queue.

The Various Types - Pros and Cons

Most experienced outdoor enthusiasts know a camping shower is not essential kit to take and many just like to rough it by using biodegradable soap in the nearest river . However, some like to have the comfort and really enjoy being clean after a days activities.

There are a fair few designs to consider and various ways they heat the water. Also, like all gear the price varies and some brands are better than others.

Let's take a look at the main types used today and what the Pros and Cons of each type is.

Solar Powered Style Shower

The Solar camp shower is very popular and the cheapest to run, with the only necessity for power to heat the water, is day light.

These are often designed with a black PVC bag and a hose attached that is filled with water. A higher quality solar outdoor shower will often be made from eco-friendly PVC free materials.

The sizes available are often with a different capacity for water, from 2.5 gallons for backpacking too 5+ gallons. The smaller the capacity the lighter the unit, but less water to shower with.

The disadvantage is they are reliant on sunlight to heat the water, and will not heat the water as quick as propane or battery operated outdoor typess for camping. The Solar Shower for the outdoors has become a popular device for many outdoor adventures.

Battery Operated Camp Shower

This type of shower is another option for many when camping, that work from battery power without the need for sun light or other fuels.

The batteries used for the unit will vary dependent on the battery size used and each camp shower, although many use 4 D cell batteries.

Most of these are really just a pump and hose with a shower head that draws water from a container through the shower hose and head without heating it.

These units can be very portable although buyers have to consider replacement batteries and the need for warm or hot water from another source of heat.

Propane Types Of Camping Showers

The propane types perform the best when needing a shower outdoors for speed and proper hot water.

These have coils and burners to heat the water, with the added bonus of being done in a few minutes.

Just as propane camp stoves will produce heat the fastest by a measurement of BTU's, this applies to propane portable showers. The higher the BTU's the more output and faster water heating time.

The propane option also includes the portable heater types that are used for heating water for all camping essentials including taking a shower, although they usually cost over $100.

These are much heavier than other types which is not going cut the mustard when hitting the trails with a pack on your back.

When choosing a propane type its a good idea to think about portability and how much fuel the unit will use, to make sure you make the best choice.

The Zodi model below can be recommended above any other battery operated types of camping showers I have seen..

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