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Steripen Adventurer Review

steripen adventurer

This Steripen purifier is a well known purification device for removing viruses and preventing harmful microorganisms reproducing.

Backpacking and camping water purifiers are an essential item when water supply and cleanliness is questionable. The Steripen is a purifier to consider.

About SteriPen

The Steripen line of products began with the founding of Hydro-Photon Inc. by Miles Maiden, an avid outdoorsman from Maine who was dissatisfied with the options available to consumers in search of a Backpacking Water Purifier which was both portable and effective.

He began looking into UV purification technologies and the Steripen Adventurer is the product of his efforts. This is a portable water purification system made with the outdoors in mind; and it has become known as one of the very best water purifiers of its type, garnering praise from the media, industry experts and most importantly, consumers alike.

How The Adventurer Works

The Adventurer uses ultraviolet light to neutralize potentially harmful microorganisms in water; this technology has a long history of successful use in water purification applications and is the same method used in many municipal water purification systems.

This Purifier damages the enzymes responsible for reading the DNA/RNA sequences which are responsible duplication in bacteria, viruses and other pathogens - and when these organisms cannot reproduce, they cannot cause illness.

It's an extremely portable and highly effective means of ensuring that wherever there is water, you have an ample supply of safe, clean drinking water at your disposal.

What The SteriPen will not remove

Some campers, hunters and other outdoors enthusiasts will find that while the Steripen Adventurer does indeed ensure the safety of water for drinking and cooking, it won't remove minerals or pollutants from water. While this is not a concern in most cases when you're in the great outdoors, it should be noted that this Backpacking Water Purifier is not able to eliminate minerals which can give water an off taste.

However, this is not likely to be a serious problem for the vast majority of this portable purifier's intended audience since mineral content is rarely an issue for campers, hikers and other outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen.

The Benefits

Other than the extremely lightweight and compact design of the Steripen Adventurer (the Adventurer weighs in at just over three and a half ounces), which is by itself a quality likely to endear this water purification tool to consumers, there is the advantage of its speed.

This model can kill 99.9% of potentially harmful organisms in a half liter of water in under a minute, allowing users to produce all of the safe drinking water they need in very little time.

It's also able to purify this quantity of water approximately one hundred times before needing fresh batteries.

Ster Pen Accessories

For those who prefer a more eco friendly power supply for their Backpacking Water Purifier, an optional solar charging case is also available for the Steripen Adventurer, which makes this purifier capable of producing a virtually limitless supply of drinking water for campers, backpackers and other nature enthusiasts.

Final Thoughts

With its compact size, quick and effective sterilization and solar power options, it's hardly surprising that this particular Steripen water purifier has become a popular item with everyone who's interested in enjoying the outdoors without having to worry about a dwindling water supply.

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