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Solar Camping Shower Review

picture of a solar camping shower hanging up

There are times when a shower on site is not available or is insufficient when needing a good brush up after a days activities, which has made portable and solar camping shower types a popular piece of camping kit.

A shower that is solar powered is a very affordable option that has no maintenance costs (fuel or batteries) and needs nothing but sunlight to heat water.

Solar camp showers are likely to be designed using a black PVC bag to heat and store the water and a shower hose attached. Quality portable solar showers and made from eco-friendly materials free from PVC.

Each shower available will usually have a capacity from 2.5 gallons - 5 +, with the 2.5 gallons suitable for lightweight camping.

Best Solar Shower

There are a fair few options when deciding to purchase a solar shower. We provide some popular options that we like below.

Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Camp Shower

This advanced elements solar camp shower holds 5 gallons of water that has a four-ply construction, insulation panel with a water reservoir.

The shower head has an off and on facility that turns the water off quick enough to save valuable warm water. This shower also has an extra filling valve with a twist off cap for convenience.

The summer shower by Advanced Elements has features that includes: Pocket for soap and shampoo, velcro straps that holds clothes and other items that are small, and a temperature water gauge.

This unit easily folds up by rolling for easy packing and storage that only weighs 1.4 pounds. Priced under $30 its not the cheapest but its good quality and not really expensive.

Sea To Summit Pocket Shower

We like the Sea To Summit pocket shower which is perfect for hitting the trails. It weighs a mere 5.25 ounces, making it a great lightweight option for backpacking that can hold 10 liters (2.6 gallons) of water.

This has the smallest capacity compared to most camping showers, which may not suit those car camping because weight is not an issue when camping by car and this is unit is about being light.

The polyurethane coated nylon fabric is leak proof and the large roll top opening promotes easy filling. The shower time provided for the full capacity is approximatively 7 minutes, with a twist shower head that's useful for controlling water pressure.

Its price tag is about $25 and rates very well among users with near to 5 star ratings across the board. Great lightweight Solar camping shower option.

Other Options

Both of the above solar camping showers above are reasonably priced, good quality and easy to use units for showering outdoors.

We provide other options below that you may want to consider when choosing camp showers that use solar power.

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