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Petzl Tactikka Plus Headlamp Review

The Petzl Tactikka Plus headlamp was designed to be a companion to meet the needs of various outdoors persons including those that hunt, fish, or just camp.

Lets take a look at the features, design, it's functions and how this Petzl headlamp performs overall, to give you an idea if it will suit your needs.

    What's Smart?

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Optional lighting modes
  • Great wide beam

    What's Not?

  • Casing seems fragile
  • Concerns if the headlamp gets wet from rain
Suitable for: Camping, Backpacking light, Fishing, Hunting
Approx price: $45.95 US
Countries available: Worldwide (check with Petzl or us)


packaged How the headlamp arrives Packaged
Your lamp, batteries and instuctions/warranty Your lamp, batteries with instuctions and warranty
Button for clicking and/off etc Button for switching on/off and changing mode, height adjuster, button to open casing to replace batteries
casing open Casing open for battery replacement and hinge showing
picture of leds LEDs and red flip filter

At first glance the hinge area when opening the Tactikka plus seemed a bit flimsy. However, I have open and closed it many times and it's been fine so far.

A concern a user could have is how the headlamp would be affected if it rained because of the small gaps around the casing when its closed. It's advertised as being water resistant, not waterproof that is worth noting. Wearing a hat when it rains would protect the lamp if a user was concerned about it getting damaged from water leaking inside.

The three main lighting options from maximum to economy are a big selling point for this Petzl as it caters for anyone needing lighting from about 15 meters in distance to over 30 meters.

After wearing the lamp for around an hour I completely forgot I was wearing it because of how comfortable it is. The strap is elasticated and can adjust to any size a person needs.

The height of the lamp is adjustable that can be adjusted up to four times by moving the lamp forward to backwards on the hinge. If the Tactikka plus needs to be adjusted further this would be done by moving the strap higher or lower.

The Tactikka is ideal for the backpacker needing a unit that is light and compact enough to stow away in a pack.

How It Performs - Ease Of Use

The Petzl Tactikka plus headlamp is one of the best on the market for providing a good flood beam for those that need a wide beam rather than a narrow spot light. At camp its perfect for setting up a tent when it gets dark, cooking or finding the way to the toilet.

Out of the three usable light settings I found the optimum level perfect for most activities. For those that need discreet lighting outdoors the red filter is ideal even if they just want to tone down the light for reading or doing stuff inside a tent.

Overall its the brightest headlamp that offers the best wide angle beam that I have ever used. Being able to tone down the output or increase it is a major advantage which also allows a user to save burn time for the batteries.

The burn time minimum of 100 hours is pretty good for a headlamp that provides such a good output. Using quality batteries like Duracell are best used if a user needs them to last.

Value For Money

The Petzl Tactikka plus headlamp can be picked for around $45 US which is a fair price for what a buyer gets for parting with their cash.


First impression of the Tactikka being a bit flimsy, did not last. The features, design and the multi-uses the headlamp has makes it a great buy to accompany a person taking part in various outdoor activities.

The ability to switch between the four lighting modes and the red filter is as great selling point for people that like the flexibility of changing modes rather than just having an on and off button.

Performance wise there is really nothing that can be said negatively about this headlamp. The casing design is where I could say it falls short, however, it has caused no issues, as yet.

back of packaging
Weight: 78 g ( 2.75 oz) with batteries and 42 g (1.48 oz) without
Powered: AAA batteries
Material: Lamp is plastic
Beam distance: Max 32m, optimum 23m, economy 15m
Burn time: Max 150 hours, min 100h
Output: Maximum 35 lumen’s
Warranty: 3 years
  • The Tactikka Plus would be considered lightweight and weighs 42 g without batteries ( 36 g) and approx 78 g with.

  • The four lighting optional modes are, maximum (35 lumen’s) , optimum, economy and strobe.

  • The 4 leds provide a good quality flood beam that covers a wide area if needed.

  • A red flip filter attached to the lamp can be closed for red night vision that's handy when a user needs to tone light down a bit.

  • The rear of the housing is designed to provide comfort when attached to a users head and the adjustable elasticated strap keeps the lamp stable without compromising this comfort.

  • The lamp can be tilted up or down 4 times to the correct height needed

  • Comes in a camo style or just black and 3 AAA batteries included.

Petzl Tactikka Plus Video Info

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