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Petzl Headlamp: Review Of the Best

The Petzl headlamp is a useful tool to provide safety for climbers, hikers, mountaineers and any other outdoor pursuit seekers.

The idea of attaching a small and effective lamp that could be worn became a reality when Petzel the company invented the first headlamp in 1972.

The range of Petzl headlamps used today respond to the needs and demands of various situations, from the most extreme outdoor activities to everyday needs.

We take a look at some of the features and uses for a couple of the popular Petzl head lamps that we see on the market today.

Tikka XP 2 Headlamp

The Petzl Tikka XP 2 integrates two sources of light for versatility. One white high output LED, high-output LED that delivers 60 lumens in maximum mode and lights up to 60 metres. and one red LED

The red light LED option offers better night vision and can be used as a blinking light for safety or a call for rescue.

More about the features:

  • Uses three alkaline AAA / LR03 batteries and can be used with lithium batteries to decrease weight or increase performance in cold weather.
  • Compact, light and comfortable: single compartment contains LEDs and batteries, adjustable headband.
  • Push button switch easily changes between 3 white lighting modes (high, low and flashing) so you can choose the appropriate light level for the task at hand.
  • Battery charge indicator light comes on when the beam distance diminishes to 5m and when there is only 50% battery life remaining for proximity lighting
  • White LED: 80h (Maximum), 160h (Economic), 240h (Flash), Red LED: 100h (Maximum), 750h (Blinking)Max distance: White LED: 60m (Maximum), 17m (Minimum), 8400m (Flashing), Red LED: 1000m
  • Weight: 88g (including batteries)

Whether your camping, backpacking, hiking or considering other demanding activities the Tikka XP 2 Petzel headlamp has the design and features that leaves consumers giving rave reviews and positive comments about all aspects of this model, with very little room for complaint.

Here are some of the positive consumers comments found:

  • The un-mentioned whistle is a nice plus for packing your 10 essentials.
  • I wanted to buy a nice bright light to use while biking and I am quite happy.
  • Like every other reviewer out there, I am blown away by this light.
  • This light was perfect! Not too heavy, very stable over my knit cap. Good adjustments, lighting pattern and brightness.
  • Just used this on a backpacking/climbing trip. I give it 5 stars.

There are hundreds of comments around the internet similar to the above that give this little light more than a thumbs up. As usual we try to pick up on any negatives about gear, but this is one of them products where they don’t exist or very little even worth a mention.

Tactikka Plus LED Headlamp

The Tactikka Plus Petzl headlight has four LED bulbs to provide even lighting throughout your field of view with no blank spots in the beam. These Petzl lights also have been designed and have features that make it a great option for outdoor activities.

More about the features:

  • Three brightness settings (maximum, optimum, economy) and a blinking mode ensure setting to meet your needs.
  • This headlamp provides a flashing mode that can be used to signal others.
  • Compact and lightweight with a single compartment contains LED and batteries, 78 g including batteries.
  • Only to be used with 3 AAA batteries ( Petzl advises against the using lithium batteries with this headlamp because they might cause the lamp to overheat and damage the LED bulbs).

Like the Tikka XP 2 headlamp there is a lot of positive reviews and comments about the usefulness of this Petzl headlamp.

Comments made by users:

  • Pilot must have. oh and great for general darkness avoidance
  • This is the best headlamp I've used thus far. I couldn't be happier
  • Good for looking at stuff on the ground when you don't wanna point your face down, e.g. hiking at night.
  • Could potentially use it to illuminate a well groomed/marked trail at night.

Most users found this Petzl easy to use and great for use on a camp site and for basic close up needs. Other Petzl headlamps including the Tikka above would be more suitable for complex needs. The main complaint found is its not good enough for longer distance and more active needs. However, this should not be a problem with the wide range of headlamps available that can suit most peoples needs, its just about choosing the right one.

Other Petzl Headlamps Available

There is a wide range of Petzl lights available apart from the two we reviewed above. We have included links to other headlamps to help find the one most suitable for your needs

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