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Optimus Camp Stove Review

These Optimus camp stove models are the best sellers from the Optimus range that receive positive consumer reports and ratings

The history of Optimus dates back to 1899 when they started making stoves for the outdoors. They are now part of the Katadyn group than make one of the most popular camping water filters.

The company do not have a huge range of stoves for camping/backpacking, however, a few Optimus stove models do get good reports in the outdoor enthusiasts community, worth taking a look at.

Optimus Crux

The Optimus crux is the most popular stove by the company that's designed for those needing a compact and lightweight stove.

It boils about a liter of water within 3 minutes, which is pretty fast and weighs 3.3oz, making it suitable for backpacking lightweight and hiking.

The Crux comes in three different types the basic crux, the crux lite and the Optimus crux lite cooking system ( pot and frying pan included).

There are other stove brands like MSR, Brunton and Primus that have similar stoves that you may want to compare, however, these do get fairly high ratings within consumer reports.

Overall Ratings

Svea stove

The Optimus Svea stove looks nothing like most of the stoves we see on the market today. Visually it looks like a wood camp stove.

The Svea is known as the climbers stove because of its ability to perform well at high altitudes. This is a classic stove that's been used by enthusiasts for over a century that burns white gasoline.

This stove is not for all enthusiasts but for those that hike at high altitudes and love the classic style stove type that has lasted many users for over 10 years then you may want to investigate it more.

Overall Ratings

Nova Stove

The Nova Optimus camp stove is the multi-fuel backpackers and expedition stove model. Being a multi-fuel stove gives it the ability to work well at high altitudes and extreme weather conditions.

Many users have found the flame control for simmering great and the ease of setting it up useful, however, consumers reports do vary in opinions after using the Nova Optimus stove. Some users say its the best mulit-fuel they have used, whilst others will stick with the MSR.

If your in the process of choosing a multi-fuel stove we think the Nova is worth considering alongside comparing it to other brands.

Overall Ratings

Note: Multi-fuel stoves are usually more difficult to use and maintain, this is the case with all brands. We never expect these type of stoves to be as easy to use and maintain as a propane model.

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