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Northface Backpack Review

Although the Northface company began on a California beach, this is no fair weather company. They design and manufacture a line of outdoor clothing, tents and accessories for the serious outdoor adventurer.

The Northface Backpack is designed for those who want to hit the trail for a day, a few days, weeks and even months at a time in all kinds of weather.

Here are a few of their most popular backpacks and their good points as well as their not so good points.

Primero 70

The Primero 70 is a Northface Backpack that is designed to carry 40 to 70 pounds and costs around $319.00. It has many innovative features including:

  • An X radial frame
  • Injection mold EVA back panel with air flow channels
  • Dual pivot hip belt
  • E Vap shoulder harness
  • Load lifters with thumb hoops
  • Removal floating lid with mesh pockets
  • Water proof bottom and hood
  • zip sleeping bag compartment
Advantages And Disadvantages By Actual Users

Reviewers on various sites found this backpack to be a great minimalist backpack sturdy and dependable and extremely comfortable to carry on long hikes. They found this backpack to have many advantages including: Great breathe ability, durable, easy to pack, highly adjustable and waterproof.

There were some things that the reviewers didn't like about the backpack however and here are the disadvantages they found in this Northface Backpack. Not enough padding and not enough exterior compartments. It also does not carry near the maximum rate claimed.

The reviewers overall found that this backpack worked extremely well for extended trips in good and wet weather. Actual comments from users included that the backpack was well made and ideally suited for long trips carrying minimum loads. Most reviewers stated that they would highly recommend this backpack to their friends.

Terra 65 Backpack

The Terra 65 sells for around $149.00 dollars. It is one of the budget models in the lineup of Northface backpacks but still has some great features including:

  • An opti fit suspension system that helps the backpack to fit more comfortably over those long hikes on rough trails.
  • Mesh back panels to provide air flow to the hikers back
  • A very cushy shoulder harness.

Reviews on this backpack were extremely positive. And most of the reviewers were enthusiastic over this Northface Backpack's ability to withstand any backpacking adventure they could dream up. The advantages they found included: Air panels which helps cool on long hikes in extremely hot weather, it's durability and waterproofing and the great cushioning.

The disadvantages to this backpack were slight. The top pouch opens on the backside which makes it a little difficult to reach and some hikers stated that they would like to see more pockets on the waist belt.

They found this was a great backpack for multi day hiking (One users hiked for over 2 months straight and loved this Northface Backpack). Most of those who reviewed this backpack would highly recommend it to others.

Recon Pack

Not every hiking adventurer spends days and weeks on the trail and for those hikers and campers who enjoy a day long instead of a week long hike having a small and lightweight backpack makes sense. Understanding this Northface designed the Recon pack. Made with the same attention to details as their larger backpacks this Northface Backpack allows you to hit the road for a day long hike while still carrying plenty of gear for changing weather conditions.

Here are some of the features you will find in the North face recon pack:
  • Back saver bottom panel
  • Airmesh back panel
  • Side water bottle pockets
  • Front mesh drop pockets
  • Sturdy top handle for easy carry

Once again a Northface Backpack gets great reviews. People who purchased this backpack had a lot of good things to say about this day pack. Many stating they carried it everywhere, on hikes, to work and to school. They were quick to state the advantages of this backpack which included good padding for comfortable carrying, large capacity, comfort and the fact that it was adjustable.

The only real complaints about this Northface Backpack designed for day use was that it was not water resistant and it lacked the look serious hikers enjoyed.

Reviewers found all sorts of uses for this backpack including day hiking, bicycling, for school,for work and even loved the fact that they could bring along their laptop.


Overall, Northface seem to offer great backpacks for both single day use and for those long wilderness hikes in rough conditions. While they may not be perfect they give great value for a good price.

The Northface backpack including the Recon and others above are worth checking out and comparing with other brands.

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