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Best MSR Cookset From Their Range

MSR gear is known by most that love the outdoors and have the need lightweight but effective gear for backpacking, hiking and camping in various conditions from the weekend backcountry hiker to the Everest climbers.

MSR is a company that has the ability to produce gear from every product line that competes with other brands for design, quality and effectiveness including MSR Cooksets.

Many of you may know this from using MSR stoves, one of the Hubba tents or water treatment devices outdoors when a great piece of kit has been necessary.

Like all companies MSR has the best and the worst of its gear so we put together this page to showcase only the best kits that are the cream of the crop.

Below you will find MSR titanium cooksets made by the company that receive positive consumer reports and the best sellers that we would recommend to people needing a compact piece of camp cookware.

Each cookset below will provide you with an overview of the product which you can find out more about.

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