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Marmot Never Summer 0F - 600 Fill Down Sleeping Bag Review

The unisex style Marmot Never Summer sleeping bag is perfect for use in cold weather camping. The mummy design will keep you comfortable in almost any condition.

The bag is rated to be used at the lowest temperatures of 0F/-18C and has features to back up it's EN ratings.

    What's Smart?

  • Comfortable
  • Very Warm
  • Nice heat retaining features including the hood

    What's Not?

  • Heavy for some backpackers
Suitable for: Camping, Backpacking, Colder Temperatures
Approx price: $309 - $329 US
Countries available: US - Canada - Europe (check with us or Marmot for others)

Features and Design

The hood is specially designed with six individual chambers to keep the baffling where it is needed. With this insulating layer, less heat escapes around the head. Further heat loss is prevented by the face muff. This tucks into the hood, rather than depending on Velcro. This means there is nothing to scratch your face while you sleep. The face muff also serves to keep the cords off of your face while you sleep.

For those who hate fumbling with cords in the dark, the Marmot Never Summer bag hasa a solution. The draft collar cord is hard and round to the touch, while the hood cord is flat and smooth. This prevents you from fumbling with cords in the darkness.

The water resistant shell is made of MemBrain material, which keeps out the commonly encountered dampness while camping. This will protect the down baffling from getting wet when the dew falls, but is not suitable for rainy conditions. The mummy shape creates roomy and breathable sleeping conditions.

Interior pockets provide you with plenty of options. A stash pocket at the chest level permits you to store anything that you may need easy access to during the night, whether that is your glasses or a candy bar for the late night munchies. Multiple pockets in the foot box area are designed to hold separately purchased heating packs. If you suffer from cold toes while sleeping, you will find this useful.

The zipper system provides useful, easy to mate zippers. The zippers are two-way, allowing you to open the bag at the feet or the heat area if you need some air during the night. The zippers have draft protection and zipper guards, preventing snags and biting action.

This sleeping system will work well for those who enjoy backpacking or sleeping without a tent. For those who enjoy sleeping during warmer conditions though, they will find this unit far too warm on a summer night.


With the 600 fill goose down lining, down filled collar, six chamber hood and face muff, this system will keep you comfortable and warm at night. The absence of Velcro in the face muff will make sure that your face isn't scratched, while the easy to reach cords will let you make late night adjustments without pulling on the wrong string by accident.

Several users commented that the bag's heat retaining features sometimes work too well. Multiple comments exist of people having to remove their heating packs after a short time because the bag became too warm for comfortable sleeping during the winter.

Users who enjoy camping in the mountains or colder conditions will find this bag to be useful. However, the car camper in the middle of the summer may find the bag far too warm for comfort.

Warmth/Temperature Rating

The Marmot Never Summer bag is appropriately named. While it is good for use in conditions reported as low as 0°F, hot conditions would find the bag miserable to sleep in. This is one instance where the statement of three season camping doesn't include summer as an intended time for use.

As with any goose down bag, this system needs to be used in dry conditions. While it will resist regular dew or condensation situations, the sleeping conditions do need to be relatively dry in order for the bag to keep you warm. Sleeping in a puddle while it is raining is not recommended. Hoops on the foot box provide an easy means to hang the bag to dry in the sun the next day.

Since the bag can keep people far too warm, it isn't well suited to the camper who enjoys the occasional summer night inside a tent. The backpacker who likes cooler conditions will find the bag invaluable though.


A stuff sack and storage sack are included with this sleeping bag. The system can easily be compressed to 6 x 6 inches, making it useful for being slid into a backpack without taking up too much room. When simply rolled, the storage sack size is 8.5 x 18 inches. With a weight of almost four pounds, even the compressed size can weigh down the backpacker, but the warmth the system provides makes up for any weight concerns.


Seen around the internet for prices ranging from $309-329, this sleeping system is reasonably priced among the low temperature bags.

Common Complaints / Problems

The only negative thing that users seem to be saying about this bag is that the various features to keep you warm at night often work too well. When this happens, the bag can be vented from the foot area or the head area. Heating packs frequently need to be removed from their pouches before they get cold.

Summary - Overall

Overall, the Marmot Never Summer sleeping bag will keep you warm in cold conditions. It works well, perhaps too well, at keeping people warm. The bag is perfect for those who enjoy camping in cooler conditions, whether beside the car or backpacking miles away from civilization.

So long as the bag is not being used during the summer heat, the user should be comfortable and warm in appropriate dry conditions.

Available REI »
Minimum Temperature: 0F / -18C
Insulation: 600+ goose down.
Weight: Regular 3 lbs. 14.5 oz, Long 4 lbs.
Shell: Nylon
Max Lenth:Regular 6'0" 72 inches, Long 6'5" 78 inches.
Girth: Regular (shoulder 62" - Hip 58") Long (shoulder 64" - Hip 60")
Stuff Sack: Yes
Hooded: Yes
  • The regular size of this sleeping unit weighs in at 3 pounds, 14 ounces. It has 58 inches around the hips, 62 inches around the shoulders, and a roomy trapezoid shaped foot box. With the included hood, it will comfortably fit campers up to 72 inches tall.

  • The long size bag weighs an even 4 pounds. This longer size provides 60 inches around the hips, offers 64 inches around the shoulders, and has the same trapezoid shaped box for the feet. Using the hood will allow those up to 78 inches tall to sleep comfortably.

  • Made from nylon material and using the best rip stop technology, the interior and exterior of the bag are both treated to be water repellent. The 600 fill goose down baffling provides adequate warmth at low temperatures, but it is the features that will keep you truly warm.

  • The down-filled draft collar possesses an easy to reach cord for adjusting during the night. To prevent confusing the hood cord and the draft collar cord, each feels different to the touch. A Velcro-free face muff lays over the lower half of the face to keep heat in, and keep the cords off your face while you sleep.
  • The six baffle chamber hood keeps heat in around your face, while pockets near the feet permit storage of heat packs if needed, and exterior loops at the base of the foot box allows the bag to be hung easily. Locking, two-way zippers round out accessories of the bag.

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