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Lowe Alpine Backpacks

There is a range of Lowe alpine backpacks for various types of outdoor activities, from day Lowe Alpine packs for short hikes to multi day larger capacity packs that are durable.

We take a brief look at the best and exclude ones we would never use to help buyers get a good idea of what models are worth consideration.

The company's history dates back to 1967 and started from Greg Lowe's (the founder) work shed in Colorado which has extended well beyond his shed and become an International company that trades in many Countries.

Lowe Alpine has its main focus on outdoor clothing and backpacks which is reassuring for consumers that like to know a company is focusing on innovation and quality for a smaller range of products rather than trying to be everything for everyone and pleasing no-one.

Popular Packs

Here's popular packs that will will be reviewing separately very soon.

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