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Koolatron Coolers For Camping

The company Koolatron is Canadian, with headquarters in Branndord, Ontiarrio and various other places including Kent (UK).

Koolatron coolers are now marketeted and other products worldwide with many key retail accounts in Canada, USA and UK.

The products available from this compnayinclude small appliances compact refrigeration and many other items for outdoor use, which includes outdoor and camping coolers.

We took a look at the best selling Koolatron coolers to see how they perform and found out what actual users had to say.

Krusader Cooler P-85

The Krusader P-85 is able to keep beverages cold or reverse the power cord to turn the Koolatron P-85 Krusader into a food warmer to keep take away food warm or a hot casserole and other hot foods.

The P-85 is the largest Koolatron 12 volt (52 Quart capacity) cooler available, that is advertised to fit 80, 12 oz. cans, with and large families in mind.

These are suitable to use for camping if users have a 12 volt port to use within a vehicle. The obvious advantage is having no need to use ice, which would save money and concern about running out of ice.

When looking at consumer review, we found many concerns about drinks staying cool enough when temperatures had risen outside. Its worth taking a look at what comments buyers have made if you do consider purchasing this model.

P95 Travel Saver 45-Quart

The Koolatron P95 is a smaller model compared to the P-85 that is also powered by the 12 volt cigarette lighter.

Like most Koolatron's, the Travel Saver P95 can also be plugged into any household outlet with the AC Adapter, which is sold separately for around $50.

It has the same advantages as the above model of not needing to supply ice, with the added advantage of being cheaper at approx $150.

Consumers were more enthusiastic and positive about this cooler, with comments comparing this better than other coolers used previously.

A disadvantage would still seem to be the price being quite expensive for a cooler, although many users have said it was well worth the money.


Koolatron coolers receive a fair few poor consumer reports, although some models are better rated than others. The main issue seems to have been with the food staying cool enough in hotter temperatures and the strain on the car battery.

There was also many positive comments and the idea of not needing ice when using the Koolatron cooler as outdoor coolers or travel companions, is very appealing.

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