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Picture Of Kids Various Outdoor Activities

Needing some ideas to find suitable camping activities for kids? If so your going to find some of these tips and ideas useful for keeping the little ones busy on their next camp trip.

At times it helps to be creative to add a bit more fun to the camp out. However, most of the time you will find the children get along just fine and have loads to do.

Advice: Choosing The Place To Camp

For some families they make it easier to keep the kids busy and happy by choosing a campground with plenty of activities on site or very close to the camp area, with plenty of other kiddies to make new friends with.

You can check with the campground when making a booking to find out what is available at the site and what's local.

I believe it can be much easier to keep the children occupied and much happier at a small camp site or backcountry camping than at a campground. More about that further on....

Here's What Some Campgrounds And Sites Offer...

Playground: Having a play area on site has kept my kids busy for hours and hours. They made new friends and it allowed me to cook food while they were playing.

Lakes for fishing: Many sites have a lake that can be fished. Some will charge extra while others will include the charge in the cost for the pitch. If you don't go fishing it's possible to buy cheap kits for children and try it out or at least give the kiddies a go. Most kids under 13 years of age love to go fishing.

Swimming pool: Getting kids to go swimming is not a problem. Getting them out the pool usually is.

Entertainment/Bar: The larger campgrounds have a place for entertainment which gives mom’s and pops a chance to have a beer and the kids well, they just love being among all the other kids. Similar to swimming it's not a problem getting most children to go, it's getting them to leave because they enjoy it so much.

Kids Camping Activities Close To The Camp Area

Local trail: If you want to see if the kids will enjoy hiking there are many camp sites available close to hiking trails. Check on a map for that area to see what's available. If hiking is the one of the main activities you wish to do book a site very close to your choice of trail.

Golfing: There may be a local golf course you can to try out. Begin small with a mini golf course before taking on the Golfing champion in the major championships. “Do try and keep it fun”. If they've never tried it before they could find it extremely boring. Many do get teed off pretty quick!

Canoeing: This is another great activity which many kids enjoy! Clubs will offer tuition and all the gear needed.

Bicycling: Bring your bikes. If you don’t have bicycles to take there could be a place to rent-a-bike for the day. There's also places that offer mountain biking days out which are a lot of fun. You will need to find out information about costs and what bikes they have etc.

Various Things To Do

hiking trail sign

Nature trails:

Many nature trails can be found that can be a great day out for the children. These offer kids the opportunity to learn more about the natural habitat of any given area.

These are easy to follow trails that use sign posts for directions and information boards about the trail and the wildlife that can be found there.

Most of these are well maintained and easy to walk with kids of any age. Your able to use the baby buggy on these type of trails if they're toddlers and cannot walk very far.

Learning about wildlife by creating your own nature trail:

Adults can help kids learn a little about nature and how to respect it while making it fun for them at the same time. Here's a simple how to!

You could find out the basics of what insects, birds or plants are close to the camp area and plan a walk to find these.

Whilst on the walk set a goal for finding the different types of insects, plants or birds. Take a notebook to write down the different types or even take pictures with a camera.

You can pick up guides from various places where you plan to stay or online that will explain what wildlife can be found within the surrounding area where you camp which makes it much easier to know what to look for.

Visit to the local farm:

Another activity kids love is visiting local farms to meet the animals that they will never see in the City. I personally like the farm shop that some of them provide to buy some of their produce for snacks and dinner.

Bringing toys and games:

Many of the outdoor toys we use back at home can be taken on a camp trip such as, a football, cricket set, rounders set, and just about any other toy that can fit in the car.

There's a few games you may not have considered. Popular outdoor games that can be bought in a set are Blongo Ball, Cornhole, Bocce Ball and others are great to try out.

Try and bring something to keep the kids busy if it decides to rain. These can be simple things like coloring pens and pads, play dough or playing cards.

Arts and crafts:

Arts and crafts is another activity for kids that can be used outdoors. You can use some of natures products to make your own paint, try flower pressing or make a collage of various leaves.

Most art and crafts we can do at home that are can be very messy are great while outdoors because we don't have to worry about furniture or flooring getting messed up.

Bring a large plastic sheet, a small table, paints, coloring pens, scissors, glue and whatever else you would like to use that 's surely guaranteed to keep the kids busy for a few hours.

Keeping It Simple and Basic

My kids experienced various types of camping while they were growing up which gave me a lot of understanding about what really made them happy and content.

We did enjoy the camp outs where everything is provided on site and lots of other kids for them to enjoy playing with. However, one time really taught me a lesson about kids and keeping them entertained.

We went to a camp site with only one other group staying there on the grounds. There was no playground, no entertainment, no shop: lets just say there was nothing but a place to pitch the tent, a tyre made into a swing and a beautiful view.

The kids were much more happier and content than many other times we went with, less to do. They played for hours on this tyre, spent hours on end collecting shells and finding fish from the beach where we would rarely see another person and we drove the car a couple of times to the shop when we needed to top up food items we needed.

On this occasion I must be honest, it was me that got bored before they did! The lesson for me was if they don't have all the fun fairs, clubs and whatever else in front of there face they will quite happily make the best of what they have and enjoy it more.

Try a weekend of basic camping. I bet you get bored before they do!

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