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Pocket Combi

Katadyn Water Filter Range

Combi Filter

Combi »

Suitable for: Base camp, backpacking, trekking, boating
Approx price: $200 US or less
Filter type: Pump - Ceramic and carbon element
The Combi overall is a great device that functions very well. It's hard to find faults with this one.
Pocket Filter

Pocket »

Suitable for: Base camp, backpacking, travel
Approx price: $300 US or less
Filter type: Pump - 0.2 micron cleanable ceramic filter
It's an expensive filtering device, however, it's one of the most durable devices for it's size.
Hiker Pro

Hiker Pro »

Suitable for:Base camp, backpacking, Hiking
Approx price: $80 US or less
Filter type: Pump - Washable pleated cartridge
The Katadyn hiker pro is the affordable backcountry option that's fairly easy to maintain on the field.
Base Camp

Base Camp »

Suitable for: Group, base camp, family camping.
Approx price: $80 US or less
Filter type: No pumping, Cleanable ceramic filter
A simple hanging type filter that's affordable which caters for a group or family. It fair's well in reports.

About Katadyn Water Filters

Katadyn is a Swiss company that are rated as one of the top companies for outdoor water filters.

Filters amongst other water purification systems have been produced by Katadyn for over 80yrs for outdoor enthusiasts, army units, and various international relief agencies.

They also supply Trek n Eat freeze dried foods and the popular Optimus backpacking camp stoves within the Katadyn group.

Many outdoor enthusiasts class the companies filters as a necessary piece of survival kit, whilst others, out of preference, use a filter to reduce backpack weight on the trail, from lessening the amount of water to be carried.

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