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Intex Air Mattress Review For Camping

Its important to get a camping sleep system right before setting out, which includes, shelter, a sleeping bag or standard bedding and a camping air mattress. This brings us to consider an Intex air mattress, as part of a sleep system.

The Company

Intex Corp that produces Intex mattresses are well known for recreation products that includes ground swimming pools, airbeds, inflatable toys, pool and lake Boats. Intex state, there aim is to provide safety and fun with all there indoor and outdoor recreational products.

Intex Corp is a member of the Intex family of companies that has been creating fun, recreational products for over 40 years. Intex believe they are the world leader in both designing and producing high quality, innovative products for indoor and outdoor recreation.

The Pros and Cons

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Intex air beds are affordable that provide comfort for guests staying over for the weekend to base camp and car camping trips.

They can feature pumps that will quickly and easily inflate the bed in locations where power is limited. The air beds product line offers a full spectrum of airbeds, from your basic vinyl bed up to a laminated that is 120 times more puncture resistant than a basic airbed.

These airbeds alongside other brands, of course come with there faults and deficiencies. The biggest issue, of course, is them remaining inflated for a whole camp trip or even for one night.

Fortunately there have been many positive consumer reports about various Intex air mattresses used for camping, and Intex seem to try and test to improve the quality of them.

Prestige Downy Air bed

The Intex Prestige Downy Twin Airbed Kit is a suitable conventional size camping air mattress, that is inflated via a hand held battery pump. The flocked top gives a more luxurious sleeping surface, cleans easily, and is waterproof enough for camping use.

The 3-in-1 valve has extra wide openings that should provide fast inflation and deflation. Most consumers agree the downy air mattress keeps it's inflation well, although after a few days or so, topping up is advisable.

For a basic camping air mattress to provide protection and comfort from the floor, this cannot be a bad buy at approx $20.00.

The next size up is the Intex Queen Prestige Downy Airbed, that also includes a battery operated pump. This Intex air mattress will suit those needing extra room than what the twin (above) offers. Fortunately the price only increases another $5, for the extra room.

Pillow Rest Airbed

The Intex pillow rest is 17.5 inches from floor with built-in pillows for added comfort.The high-powered pump inflates the mattress in approximately 3 minutes .

Similar benefits of the Intex raised downy air bed, with the added advantage of being light weight and has mid rise height.

In addition, this Intex air bed is very easy to inflate, thanks to the built in electric pump, which does its job in approximately three minutes.

No more tiring hand's or feet from using hand pumps or foot pumps, and no need to make sure the electric pump is packed for camping. Although, a disadvantage could be if the attached pump fails, replacing a broken pump that is non attached could be more viable.

The other disadvantage of this is needing an electric hook up for the A/C 120 volt electric pump. If you have a hook up, RV or camper and wish to have the extra height and faster inflation timing this, Intex air mattress is priced at approx $45.00. Out in the wilderness, this air bed for camping is not an option, a Sleeping Pad will serve you much better.

Intex Classic Downy

This is one of the Intex air mattresses that requires hand pumping. The Intex Classic Downy Queen Air bed has 2 Pillows and fast hand pump.

The flocked surface will prevent sleeping bags from slipping around on top of the air bed. Its a basic air mattress for camping that will require some time to physically pump, which no advice on time is given due to the speed of each person being different.

Costs under $30, that many agree was well worth the money. For those that don't like to risk electrical pumps that can fail, this could be an option.

Buying Advice

Note: Intex air beds have no warranty from Intex Corp. Intex say: Replacements are issued through the retailer in accordance to their store policy. If this is a concern make sure you check out the store's policy on returns, as camping air beds are well known for leaking and being faulty. Also, if returning the air bed costs half the price to return, you may feel dissatisfied.

If a store has a good returns policy you may be fine, or using a local store you can drive to may be the option you feel safer with.

That being said, most customers that have bought an Intex air bed have been satisfied, and have had no problems with the beds being defective.

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