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How To Build A Campfire Safely

So you've picked your self a great spot and now your need to know how to build a campfire that will last the evening, burn well and be safe.

I will use the two main types of camp fires to keep this guide nice and simple. The two main types are the teepee (you got it! shaped just like a teepee) and log cabin (think of how a pyramid is structured) style.

The All Important Preparation

  1. Optional: After choosing a good your spot, collect rocks that you are able to form a circle with as the picture shows. This will keep all the wood and burnt embers together nice and tidy.

  2. Collect tinder which is very small twigs, wood shavings or paper to get the fire started. Also collect kindling which is slightly bigger twigs but still small enough to ignite from the tinder that will start the process of the bigger logs burning.

  3. Collect larger logs and any branches fallen for the main fuel that will keep your fire burning.

  4. Note: All of the fuel (tinder, kindling and logs) will need to be dry. If not, the woods and materials will have to be stripped down with a knife to get rid of damp or wet that will be very difficult to ignite and burn.

Log Cabin Style

  • Start with your tinder and your kindling stacked around the tinder like a small teepee. For the log cabin style the teepee stops being made after the kindling.

  • The criss cross style with this example has two logs parallel and another two above with a closer width. Three or four stacks similar to a pyramid will do. Making sure the tinder and kindling have plenty of air. Air is the oxygen to start and maintain the fire.


  • As mentioned above with the log cabin style create a teepee with tinder first and then kindling.

  • The larger logs are now placed around the tinder and kindling with plenty of space between each log that will allow air for the fire to breathe when lit.

Final Instructions and Maintenance

  1. Light the small tinder in the centre of the fire with whatever igniter you have. If it does not seem to have enough fire to start the logs just add more kindling to get it started.

  2. All you have left to do is to make sure you have enough logs to top it up that will keep it going. Mainly larger logs now, if available....

  3. The last and final instruction is to kick your shoes back and enjoy.

Follow the guide here, research and take note of where there are fire bans to make sure your choose a place fires are permitted. Most of all have a fantastic camping experience.

Important: Having knowledge of camp fire safety is advisable for yourself, others and the environment »

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