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Tips For Hot Weather Camping Trips

If your lucky enough to have a camping trip planned with the expectation of hot weather, preparation is still very important and useful.

These hot weather camping tips, and other varios ideas on camping will provide a guide to enable a trip when weather is a little how to be enjoyable and safe.

Camping when it's hot will require very different gear and supplies to be taken compared to other weather conditions.

It's necessary to take supplies to keep you safe and prepared for annoyances heat can bring, that would not be needed in spring, fall or winter.

Safety Tips

Sun Protection

Taking plenty of sun screen will serve you well against protecting against sun burn, worse still sun stroke and UV-related health issues. High factor sun screen (SPF) is advisable, especially when camping with kids. Fair skinned (light hair)kids and adults get affected easier by sun burn. If you follow the labels instructions and pharmacists advice you should have no problems.

Hats are a great way to protect against sun. Apparel can also be bought that has a ultraviolet protection factor(UPF). This indicates how effectively fabrics shield skin from ultraviolet (UV) rays. Similar to SPF for sun screen, the higher the factor , better protection.

Many will agree, substantial lightweight and light coloured clothing will suffice. Not everyone can afford to spend extra money on quality apparel.


It can be easy to forget how much we need water, especially when camping in hot weather. Dehydration occurs when water intake is less than water loss. Our bodies can be made up of 75% water, less with age and other factors. There is plenty of advice given to us to drink at least 1 litre a day, and obviously more in hotter temperatures and/or physical activity.

Taking a good water storage tank if car camping is great for keeping a supply, especially if you have some distance to collect water. Water is much easier to deal with if you have a base camp.

Our performance if hiking and other activities will be affected if we neglect rehydrating ourselves. We can seriously suffer if unprepared.

If out in the wilderness then being prepared is vital. You may need water purification tablets and a water filter. We would advise you to seek proper guidance for finding water and purification if planning a trek without a water supply.

Seeking shelter or shade is a way to help maintain water within our body; Also keeping cool will prevent heat exhaustion.

Sleeping On A Hot Night

Great, you may have your chance to sleep under the stars. If you have the opportunity to camp without a tent and maybe just take a tarp for shelter if it rains, then great.

Many tents, especially the free standing tents come with an inner and outer tent. The outer being the rain fly, that can be removed to leave just the inner tent to sleep in. If your tent has fine mesh you may also be sleeping under the stars with sufficient ventilation.

If you have a family camping tent, many will have awning shades, if not' buying a screen shelter (canopy) can provide extra protection and shade.

Tents must have sufficient venting for sleeping on a hot summers night. Without good ventilation you can have a very uncomfortable night. A camping tent fan can also help those that find heat affects them more than others when sleeping.

Your sleep system will be more comfortable when hot weather camping by using a sleeping pad or mattress, with bed sheets to provide a cover for the pad or mattress, or keep your sleeping bag open whilst sleeping on the top.

Other hot Weather Tips

Those little but annoying Bugs

The one thing heat attracts is bugs and insects. If the area has mosquitos it is advisable to use deet or a similar protection. Keeping the leg and arm areas covered can protect against the main places they like to chomp on.

Various insect repellants are available from a pharmacist that would be worth finding out about before setting out for camp.

Avoiding areas where there is water and long grass is advisable, as this attracts the little fellas. It has been said to avoid scent and bright clothing because this will attract their attention.

If a camp fire is allowed, get one going, they dont like the smoke. You can also buy citronella candles to get rid of mossies, I found these do work. I used to leave one outside a beach hut in Thailand on the evening and they soon went to find other victims.

Food Safety

It is important to keep foods fresh when camping, even more so when hot weather camping. Food as we know. does not like hot temperatures. For advice about preventing food contamination and other information you may find the article here for camping food safety useful.

For our choice of coolers, check out our page for camping coolers for keeping camp food and beverages cool and fresh when your planning your hot weather camping trip.

We hope this guide for hot weather camping has provided you with some useful ideas to make your summer camp trip safe and enjoyable.

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