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Hiking Backpack Reviews: Helping You Find The Best Backpacks

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Camping and Hiking backpack reviews for the most popular brands including Osprey, Lowe Alpine , North Face and others...

So you've decided to hit the trails or camp grounds, but you need gear. Not only do you need gear but you need to be able to carry all of that gear in the most comfortable and practical way possibe.

One of the first things you could do is to begin reviewing different types of camping and hiking backpacks.

Points to consider before choosing a pack

There are hundreds on the market, so before you decide on one pack, let's look at the differences and different uses they have.

Capacity - Storage Size

Hiking backpacks have different storage capabilities which a buyer has to consider making it a good idea to consider how much gear you plan to take and how long the trip will be.

If you plan on a day trip, hiking backpacks that come with a 30-40 liter capacity is ideal. Overnight trips or multi-day trips will need anywhere between 50-80 liters. If you are planning for a week long or longer excursion, as well as overnight trips during the winter, then you will need a backpack of 80 liters or more.

It can be tempting to want to purchase packs that are larger than your needs, but this approach leave your pack with a loose and empty feeling which will be uncomfortable for the duration of your trip.

Backpack Size

Now that you have an idea of the capacity that you need for your trip, the next thing to look at is the different camping backpack sizes. You would think that you would search based on your height, yet this is not so. Backpacks go based on your torso length.

To find the correct size that you will need, make sure that you have someone measure you from the base of your neck to your hipbone. Women and children need to look for backpacks made specifically designed for them, since they have shorter torsos than men. Most manufactures sell women and children's sizing.

Backpack Types

With torso length and storage space decided, now you are able to narrow down the two types.

If you have already began your search, then you have probably have come across the terms external frame and internal frame. Both styles have benefits, though external frame backpacks are not as popular as they were years ago.

External frame backpacks sit up higher and the wearer compromises balance because of this placement. Yet if you plan on carrying a lot of weight, especially in the summer time then an external frame backpack will most likely work best for you. Another bonus of this type of pack you get good ventilation. Usually you will find more experienced hikers using an external frame backpack.

Many prefer internal frame backpacks because not only does the pack sit lower, but it hugs the body. They are also made with better adjustment options and are narrower. With this design your balance is secured and you gain ease of movement. There are a lot of good and reputable brands on the market which are included below.

Buying The Best Backpack

Popular brands include The North Face, Swiss Gear, Kelty Backpacks, Osprey, Gregory, GoLite and Teton Sports. It's always a good idea to search for consumer and website hiking backpack reviews like what's provided here at when it comes to buying a pack. Through the reviews you can learn about comfort and durability of a particular pack.

Your backpack should last you years to come, so make sure you choose the best one, the first time.

Popular Packs Available - Reviews And Guides

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