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Gregory Backpack Review

The Gregory Backpack was engineered from the start to incorporate the customers ideas on what worked and what did not. Gregory was the first to build packs using a different frame, waist and shoulder straps to fit each person.

The waist belt is designed to adjust to different hip angles of the hiker, which helps the load to be carried more efficiently.

All the Gregory Backpacks have durable fabric that is designed to hold under stress and not rip, with reinforced seams and buckles.

Mens Baltoro 70 Pack

The Baltoro 70 Pack is designed to be comfortable to wear while trekking across the countryside. It has a system to adjust as your body moves, keeping pack well centered on your back and thereby lessening tension on the hips and shoulders.

This backpack has won an editor's choice award in 2008 from Backpacker magazine. The features of the Gregory Baltoro 70 are made for comfort, ease of access to the gear and a means to organize your equipment.

Gregory Back packs are roomy, with this model holding 70 liters of gear, that's a lot of space. Pockets for everything are a standard feature and water resistant panel on the bottom and zippers.

The top lid compartment is a nice place to keep items you will need frequently such as maps or rain gear. The overall weight of the pack is just over 5 pounds for the small size and 5 pounds, 14 ounces for the large Gregory Backpack model.

Note: The 70 pack is unavailable at most of the stores we monitor. Some stores may have it at a reduced price which suggests that size is discontinued. The 65 and 75 Baltoro are now available....

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Miwok 18 Daypack Mens

The Miwok 18 Gregory pack is manufactured for men for use as a daypack that fits a torso from 17 to 20 inches and holds 18 metric liters of gear and equipment.

The dimensions are 17.5 by 9.5 by 7.5 inches. The BioSync technology of the interior framework allows the pack to move with your body to lesson tension and avoid the hot spots that other backpacks may cause.

Gregory pack engineering is designed be compatible with the body, with a belt system that moves with the angles of your hips as you are hiking.

The Miwok 18 won the 2009 best of adventure gear from the National Geographic magazine. The hydration system that goes with this packs is sold separately, designed to work by the rear access zipper and a special place for the tube, too keep a person cool easily while hiking or camping. This is especially important for runners who often use the Miwok 18 pack on longer distance runs.

A separate pocket for electronics is located on the top of the pack, along with an internal system of compression that allows the gear to be situated correctly close to your back where it will be balanced easily.

The shoulder straps, belt, and panel in the back are made of a mesh weave that allows air to pass through for comfort while hiking. The Miwok 18 Gregory backpack comes in blue steel, cayenne red or grey and retails about $90 to $100.

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Deva 60 Womens

The Deva 60 Pack is one of the most popular Gregory backpacks for women. It's manufactured from the new 210 double diamond rip stop denier nylon fabric and sewn with the same nylon thread to provide durability, lightness and strength.

Women's Gregory backpack wearers are finding this newly redesigned pack with the patented suspension system that adjusts to the movements as the hiker moves, a wonderful and comfortable pack they can wear all day long while carrying a lot of gear on the trail.

The waist belt is designed to curve closer to the body and hips, and has extra dual foam added for extra comfort. The small pocket on the top is a great place to keep maps, raingear and your compass in.

The dimensions for the extra small size torso are 14 to 15.5 inches; the waist and hips measure 22 to 28 inches; the volume is 57 liters and the weight is 5 pounds and three ounces. This Gregory back pack retails at around $260.00.

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Gregory Z55 Pack

The Z55 pack is built for multiday backpacking for men and has a volume of 56 liters and weighs 3 pounds and 15 ounces.

The sturdy aluminum frame fits a torso of 18 to 20 inches; waist and hips of 28 to 34 and the material is made from the double diamond rip stop nylon fabric.

The customers who have used this pack find it easy to load, with good suspension and adjustable as well as being comfortable; the most common uses for this are as day hikes, travel and extended hikes.

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Note : This is just an overview of packs available from Gregory. You will find indvidual reviews and more information here, very soon..

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