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GPS For Hiking: Review And Guide

A GPS for hiking when used correctly will help direct you to your destination, and will also take you back to the starting point.

What a fantastic invention! However they will not be a substitute for having the basic understanding of using a map and compass.

The global positioning system for hiking a trail and walking is a great navigational system. Knowing how to use maps and a compass will cover the eventuality of your GPS for hiking becoming faulty, having faulty batteries, getting lost or any other problems.

The leading GPS is made by Garmin with a wide range on sale in just about every outlet, including of course online stores.

There are also other brands. Whichever brand you choose, you will find a massive range available in different shapes and sizes.

The Garmin e-Trec is the most popular GPS for hiking. They are lightweight durable and very reasonably priced for a quality piece of equipment.

Another outdoor enthusiast Nathanael mentions his choice of GPS models and of course gives the thumbs up to a couple of Garmin models.

Here's Some Of The Best Sellers


Using a GPS for hiking might just save your life. Finding your current location is virtually instantaneous; a GPS co-ordinate given to the rescue services via a mobile phone would speed up search and rescue significantly within those crucial moment's.

Using a GPS trail unit alongside a compass and map enables us to use either when we feel unsure on the hike and adds security.

I am one of those people that has a problem with maps and using a GPS, so having both providing the same results keeps me on the map for getting home safely.

Portability and Weight

Portability is an important factor to consider when purchasing your GPS for hiking whilst minimizing weight for the overall gear you have in your backpack. However, this can effect the feature's for the device, such as a small screen, and advanced features when the whole GPS is the size of a cell phone. The Garmin eTrek is a very good example of models similar to cell phones.

The GPS is a great invention; However if you choose to purchase a GPS for hiking or stick with your knowledge of a traditional map and compass continue to enjoy our beautiful landscapes either way.

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