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First Need Water Purifier Review

The First Need water purifier including the deluxe purifier takes camping and hiking to a new level of safety, when protection from water contaminants is a priority

We provide a detailed review of the First Need that was made to protect individuals in need of a portable water purifier, light enough for hiking and backpacking, that also tackles virus's as well as, contaminants like Giardia and cryptosporidia.

Backpacking into the wilderness is an extremely rewarding experience, but it could be very important that you have one of these devices with you before you head out, for specific trips.

About The Water Purifier: What they remove and how they work!

First Need technology removes a wide range of contaminants, including particulate matter, microorganisms that cause disease, carcinogenic and toxic chemicals, and unpleasant odors, tastes, sentiments, etcetera.

This comes from the so-called "Structured Matrix" technology, which has been independently tested and certified, such that it meets the Microbiological Standard for Drinking Water Purifiers, as set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency; this means that purifier technology also removes bacteria, viruses, and pathogenic cysts from even previously un-potable water.

In fact, General Ecology's products are now the industry standard, and other products are tested against it.

The General Ecology makes products for home water purification as well as portable products used by hikers and travellers.

Specifically and importantly, though, its portable technology produces drinking water as pure as bottled water, even in very rustic situations.

With the First Need portable technology, there are no external tanks or hoses, and systems are completely self-contained, making this water purifier completely portable and convenient to use.

Deluxe Purifier Model

The First Need deluxe water purifier was a predecessor to the newer, XL model (described below).

Its technology constituted a major advancement in water purification, with its "Structured Matrix" system. The system was entirely self-contained, and was sealed so that there was no chance of re-contamination once water had been purified.

The purifier could handle purification of about 125 gallons, and because it was completely self-contained, it was easy to carry with you on your person when hiking, backpacking, or travelling in other countries where water potability could be questionable.

It completely removed contaminants like Giardia and cryptosporidia, as well as viruses and bacteria, in addition to sentiments and debris. Best of all, though, this first need water filter won hands down over other competitors, both in ease-of-use and in the purity of water the system could produce.

It not only produced completely drinkable water, but there was no need for chemical purification; for most situations, it produced water that was pure enough to be easily mistaken for bottled water.

Therefore, no matter the situation, the user always had easy access to drinkable water as long as water itself was available, no matter its condition.

The XL Purifier

The First Need XL is the successor to the Deluxe. Its filter can filter up to 150 gallons of water, with a flow rate of 2 quarts a minute. It traps contaminants, including pathogens, viruses, and cysts, as small as 0.1 u, because of its "Structured Matrix" purifier.

Its prefilter has an adjustable float and is self cleaning, which means there is much less need for ongoing maintenance, making it even more user-friendly than the Deluxe water purifier.

In addition, this model has a "Direct Connect" feature, which means that you can pump filtered water directly into many models of bike or trail bottles.

Its easy grip, molded handle has a double action pump, so that you can pump more water with reduced effort.

A great feature about the XL is that should your canister become clogged so that you can't pump water, and you're in a situation such that you can't clear it right away, you can still purify your water with its "gravity assist" kit; this is hands-free, completely automatic purification, with no hand pumping needed.

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Who makes the First Need Water Purifier?

First Need products are made by General Ecology; Founder Richard T. Williams had a sole purpose to create a drinking water purification system that could be used as a "point of use" system to remove a wide range of contaminants; before the late 1960s, safe drinking water had been readily available, but Williams saw that extensive pollution had begun to overtake both ground and surface water supplies.

This meant that new technology had to be developed so that safe drinking water was available once again.

Because of this, Williams brought together top engineers and scientists from the University of California at Berkeley, California Institute of technology, the next like Institute in Germany, and the University of California at Davis.

General Ecology was incorporated in 1973.

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