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Female Urination Device

We take a brief look at some of the best Female urination device models on the market today

If you are a female and have ever spent any time at all in the great outdoors, then you have no doubt found yourself at one time or another, envying your male companions for their ability to relieve themselves just about anywhere.

Unless, you are a female it is difficult to understand just how inconvenient and uncomfortable the call of nature can sometimes be. However, a good urination device can make life in camp, on the trail or at those outdoor festivals and sporting events much more comfortable.

The Benefits

While some people actually do camp at those camping resorts, most real camping families usually find themselves camping at State and National campgrounds that afford them more privacy and less facilities.

While roughing it can be fun and exciting it isn't too much fun for the woman who has just found out she squatted over that poison Ivy bush or needs to relieve herself in the dark of night in an area inhabited by all kinds of wildlife.

Having a Female urination device on hand means that you can simply undo your zip or button and go standing up without exposing yourself to whatever may be out there be it plant, animal or human.

Even if you feel the need to drop your pants you can still go standing up saving the necessity of trying to awkwardly squat while keeping your clothes out of the way. And these devices are perfect for people with knee and hip problems that find squatting painful or completely impossible.

How Does An FUD Work?

Almost all of them work on the same principal. They fit to your body and have either a funnel or a channel that shoots the urine away from your body and your clothing allowing you to relieve yourself while standing up just like the men do.

They do take a little getting used to and to trust that they will do the job as they are meant to do but, for the most part these devices work and work well.

There are two basic types to be found in the urination device. These are the disposable and the reusable. The disposable ones are usually made of thick cardboard and are designed to be easy to carry and you can buy them in multiple packs. While they are hygienic they can also be expensive costing between $1.00 and $1.50 per use.

The reusable Female urination device may be made of either soft or hard plastic. While the ones made of soft plastic are easier to carry and store many people like the fact that those made of harder plastic pose less worries of buckling during use. Here are a few of the most popular FUDs available today.

Disposable FUDS



The Urinelle was the first FUD to become mainstream. It originated in France and was instantly accepted by women who wanted a more hygienic alternative to sitting on public toilet seats. From there it became popular among women outdoor enthusiasts who found it wasn't always convenient or possible to go off the beaten path to relieve themselves while hiking or camping.

The Urinelle is shaped kind of like a cardboard scoop without a handle with an open space that fits to your body and an enclosed square shaped funnel that aims the urine away from you. While many users like the convenience of this disposable they find it very expensive at $1.40 a use.

Overall Ratings


P Mate

The P-mate is another disposable device that looks pretty much like the Urinelle in shape and functions the same way. You can purchase this FUD in packages of 3, 5, 12, and 100. While somewhat cheaper than the Urinelle users still find it expensive at about $1.00 a use.

The benefits of the disposable FUDs is that you won't have to carry them around after using until you get somewhere where you can wash them out. They also fold up extremely small making them easy to carry on long hikes.

Overall Ratings

Re-useable FUDs

There are several re-useable FUDs and here are a few of the most popular.

Go Girl

Go Girl

The GoGirl Female urination device looks pretty much like an automotive funnel with a scoop like top to fit against your body. Made of flexible material this FUD fits against your body and you then position the funnel in the direction you want the stream to go.

While most users like the Go Girl the one size fits all design of this product has been found insufficient for some larger women while other users have complained that this product is difficult due to the fact that you have to hold it in position, aim the funnel and keep your clothes moved aside all at the same time.

Overall Ratings

Whiz Freedom

Whiz Freedom

The Whiz Freedom is also made out a flexibility material for a more comfortable fit to the body. However, unlike the Go Girl FUD this device is designed so that funnel automatically aims away from the body making it somewhat easier to use as you don't need one hand to control the stream. However, some users find that due to the flimsy construction it can be difficult to get a good fit to the body and keep the narrow end from tangling in your clothes.

Overall Ratings



The Freshette like the Whiz freedom and the Go Girl is a funnel like design. The difference in this FUD is that it has a 6 inch retractable hose that moves the narrow end where the urine exits a bit further away from the body. Like the Go Girl you are going to need to aim the hose. Users found that aiming the hose was simple and easy but, did take a bit of practice.

Overall Ratings


P Style

The Pstyle is the most different of all the devices in that it is made of harder plastic and is shaped more like a scoop than a funnel. The urine runs through a channel away from the body and most users felt it was long enough to get the job done cleanly. It also comes in a wide variety of colors making it a bit more of a "fun" as well as useful product.

Overall Ratings

Final Thoughts

Almost all of the FUDs received excellent ratings in reviews running between 4 and 4.5 stars out of five. It does appear that any one of these products are clearly better than the rest. Choosing the one that is right for you is going to be a matter of comfort, and personal choice. No matter which one you choose, it is advised you practice using it a few times at home before taking it out on the trail.

However, all users seem to agree that one of these devices can make relieving yourself outdoors much less embarrassing and much more comfortable and convenient when there are no restrooms in sight.

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