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Exped Downmat 7 Sleeping Pad Review

The Exped Downmat 7 Sleeping Pad is within the higher price bracket when comparing sleeping mats for camping and backpacking but, you'll see why.

For outdoor enthusiasts that want a comfortable sleep in various types of weather conditions and need something fairly light then, the Downmat 7 air pad is one to take a look at.

    What's Smart?

  • Comfortable
  • Insulates well
  • Ease of use

    What's Not?

  • Heavy for some backpackers
Suitable for: Camping, Backpacking, Colder Temperatures
Approx price: $159.00 - $189.00
Countries available: US - Canada - Europe (check with us or Exped for others)

Ease Of Use/Design

Setting up and packing away: The Exped Downmat 7 sleeping pad can be out the sack and set up in a few minutes. The mat comes with two valves (one for inflation and one for deflating). Inflating takes a few minutes by hand pumping with both hands that most of us find simple enough to do. Another valve can be opened that allows all the air to be pushed out that works a treat by rolling it over twice to remove all the air.

Down fill: The Downmat has been built for those that need warm insulation between them, the floor and the pad. The 700 fill goose down does a great job of insulating and comforting users between the pad and floor. Down fill also packs away very compact giving backpackers an easier time packing. Winter enthusiasts wont find many pads that are much warmer than this.


Comfort is something Exped got absolutely right when designing the Downmat. As mentioned above the down fill insulation makes this possible and the brushed style polyester shell.

You might find users reporting difficulties inflating, its a bit heavy for them or its pricey but you shouldn't find anyone stating it's uncomfortable.


The medium sized mat weighs around 31 ounces which allows it to be light enough for backpacking. Its not the lightest by a long stretch but, for the comfort and insulation from cold it provides it's as light as it can get.

If a users priority is weight above other factors the Exped Downmat 7 Sleeping Pad is not the right choice, however, for those that prefer to balance weight with great performance its an ideal choice.

Packing can be a bit fiddly because of the small stuff sack although this allows it to be packed down to 9"x6" (medium).

Value For Money

The Downmat 7 is an expensive product which is priced at around $159.0 - $189.00. The air pad does give value in terms of quality which is what some buyers want rather than find the cheapest available.

For those recreational camping folk that pitch up 2-3 times a year in the summer there's no need to spend this type of cash on a pad. However, if your an experienced enthusiast that gets outdoors a few times a year in various temperatures and value comfort then its worth every cent.

Summary - Verdict

The Exped Downmat 7 air pad is among one of the best winter and all round sleeping pads we have reviewed. For backpackers they could find it a bit on the heavy side unless comfort and heat insulation is more important than weight.

The Downmat is within the higher price range of pads which is likely to attract experienced enthusiasts that need a high performing pad rather than the recreational campers.

Weight : Small 27.5 oz, Medium 31 oz, Long + Wide 40.6 oz
Height inflated: 2.8"
Pack size : Small 9"x6", Medium 9"x6", Long + Wide
Stuff Sack: Yes
Repair kit: Yes
  • The Downmat 7 is available in 3 sizes which are small 64 x 20 x 2.8 inches, medium 72 x 20 x 2.8 inches and large + wide 77.5 x 26 x 2.8 inches.

  • Twin valves: One valve for pumping and the other for deflation. Pumped manually by using using both hands.

  • 700-fill down insulation provides great insulation from cold and comfort between the user and the ground.

  • Seams are welded for durability and the shell is made from a brushed type of polyester which is slip resistant and comfortable.

Other Sleeping Pads

A lightweight closed cell foam pad. Cost's around $40. Lightweight for backpacking and camping.

Manual inflatable pad. Cost's around $49.95 - $69.95. Light and compact for packing light and suitable warm weather use.

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