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Coleman Portable Toilet Review

The Coleman portable toilet review explains the pros and cons of the Coleman portable flush toilet to help you decide if its worth purchasing.

The Coleman portable flush toilet is designed to make you feel at home regardless of where you may be, however, let's see if it matches what said in the product sales pitch.

Note: The reason you will find the Flush model here and no others is becuase it's the only one the company produces that has a flush.


  • Holds 5 gallons of water.
  • Easy to dump and clean (though a bit heavy when full)
  • Durable
  • Contoured seat for more comfort
  • Has a hose connector for easy cleaning
  • one hand flush
  • Can purchase sanitation products to help prevent smell

Keep in mind that the clean water tank used for flushing holds more than the waste tank. This means that if you don't keep an eye on the waste tank, the toilet you can overflow creating bit of a mess.

A Word About The Reviews For This Product

Normally we encourage potential consumers to read as many reviews for a product before buying it. However, the reviews are extremely mixed and therefore very confusing.

While it is clear that some reviewers had never owned a porta potti before and had unrealistic expectations, other complaints seem genuine and worth taking note of. Only you can decide if you can live with the flaws some users found with this product.

Reviews ran from 3 out of 5 stars to over 4 stars depending on the websites visited. Overall, it seems to receive just a little above average scores which concerns us with any gear for the outdoors we buy.

The reviews for the Coleman Portable Flush Toilet at Amazon.comColeman Portable Flush Toilet are a good example of what buyers have said.


  • Made of strong durable plastic that some reviewers found lasted them years
  • Most liked the large size
  • Most liked the fact that this porta potti was of good height
  • Easy to clean a dump
  • Comfortable


  • Some users found that it leaked around the flush button (one user stated if you gave the button a small turn the leakage stopped.)
  • A few users experienced their toilet bottom cracking even after limited use. (this seems like a problem with individual toilets rather than a design flaw but, since there were 2 or 3 reviewers having this problem it needs to be considered)
  • A few users also had some problems with the toilet flushing as it should.

Conclusion and Ratings

Overall Ratings

Overall, The Coleman Flush portable toilet seems to be well made. However, there have been users that have had some significant problems with it cracking which will certainly be a big problem if it happens to you.

The bottom line is that there may be better portable toilets out there including the non flushable model.

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