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Coleman Air Bed Review

The Coleman air bed is a popular choice to take a look at when a buyer is needing to compare the best of brands that sell air mattresses for camping.

When spending a week out in the wilderness many people like the opportunity to create a home from home sleeping experience which a good quality camping mattress can help provide.

Did I exagerate? Ok using an air mattress is not quite "home from home" but a decent one can help get a little closer to that feeling!

The Coleman Range

Coleman air beds range in sizes from twin to king so there is definitely the right size for you inside your tent.

They are designed with a single mattress height that sits close to the floor as well as double for more height. Let's take a look at some of the best selling, suitable for camp trips.

4 in 1 Quickbed

quickbed image

The 4 in 1 Quickbed has a unique design that enables the mattresses to be used as two singles, a king size or a single bed stacked on top of the other to make a raised type bed.

Like many of Colemans beds this is suitable for home use and camping or a mixture of both.

If a buyer only needs a king or queen sized bed or the basic twin this model would not be needed and it will cost a little more. For those that have children that go camping and then also need a spare mattress for family that stop over to sleep on temporarily at home this may be worth taking a closer look at.

These are priced at around $50.

Flocked Twin Size

twin flock image

Coleman's flocked twin sized is the ideal mattresses to take to the beach, camping or hiking, or to simply have on hand for those overnight sleepovers.

It's durable, has the Coleman double lock valve which helps prevent those slow air leaks while you are sleeping. It's also fairly lightweight and portable for traveling in the car and carrying.

Best of all, this air bed is reasonable priced at under $20.00 making it the ideal choice for campers on a budget.

Coleman King Sized Airbed With Wrap and Roll

kingsize model

For those campers who like the feel of wide open places both in their environment and when sleeping the King Airbed is an excellent choice.

This model is designed to pump up and deflate quickly and easily meaning you spend less time setting up and taking down the bed and more time enjoying the great out of doors.

It is made of heavy duty PVC construction, has 56 coils that offers extra support and comfort while sleeping, has the Coleman double lock valve for holding the air in the mattress.

This bed also has a soft suede top and the deflated bed rolls straight into the attached carrier for easy transport. The carrier is attached to the bed so you won't be spending time hunting for it when you take down your mattresses.

This model can be bought for around $70.

Queen Sized Raised

queen size that's raised

The Coleman raised airbed with pump is the one of the most comfortable air camping mattresses on the market today.

Not only is this raised to the height of a regular bed but it has a quilted pad on top for added comfort. The quilted top zips on and off for easy washing.

This camping airbed also comes with its own pump making inflating and deflating easier. It is easy to roll up and made of the same durable materials that all the Coleman mattresses are made from.

This mattress can be picked up for around $90 or less.

Queen Size With Built In Speakers

bed with speakers

Not everyone appreciates falling to sleep to the sounds of the great outdoors. Some people would rather drift off to dream land with the sweet music of their favorite tunes playing in their ears.

Coleman shows their understanding of these musical inspired campers by making a queen size with speakers built right in (its an add on, not necessity). Now campers can fall asleep hearing the music from their Ipad, MP3 player, or personal CD player without having to brave getting tangled in those earphone cords.

This musically inspired camping airbed also comes with it's own 4D quick pump which automatically inflates and deflates the airbed. The same double locking air valve that helps all Coleman mattresses stay inflated. This air mattress for camping, is perfect for couples as it can hold up to 600 pounds easily.

This mattress can be bought for around $70 or less.


These are just a few Coleman air mattresses available. You may want to check out their entire air bed product line, and see if you don't agree that there is one that is just right for you and your camping or sleeping needs.

Although all air mattresses have issues with puncturing or deflating too often, we found the Coleman to stand out from most of the crowd for the budget campers.

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