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Camping With Kids Book By Helen Olsson: Review

Helen's book provides plenty of tips and advice parent's would need for taking the kids on a camp out.

Helen has made the book a fun read by writing about her own childhood experiences of camping and now, as a mother with kiddies herself.

Suitable for: Parents, Carers or anyone taking kids camping
Published: 2012
Approx price: Under $18 US
Countries available: US, CA, UK and Europe
Author : Helen Olsson

The down and dirty guide to camping with kids book by Helen Olsson brought back memories of taking my children camping when they we're younger. The great times we had and all the hilarious situations came flooding back as soon as I started to read.....

    What's smart ?

  • Covered most advice areas that anyone camping with kids would need to know.
  • Enjoyable to read and well written.
  • Easy to follow sections that a person can reference quickly, for certain advice needed.

    What's not?

  • Some readers that only want a practical advice guide may find the book has to much of the authors experiences and humour within it, rather than just information.

The Author

Helen Olsson is an experienced writer based in Colorado ( nice place for camping). She has a lot of experience writing about outdoor activities which includes articles that appeared in the New York Times and various magazines.

The author had plenty of experience camping when she was a young child and now takes her own kids with her husband Jeff to see what the great outdoors has to offer them. Because, Helen adds her own experiences and humour it makes the book enjoyable to read as well as practical.

Using the book - Sections Included

The book begins how a practical guide should, with a section about getting started and planning a trip. The main sections includes various tips for gear, arriving at the campsite, camp food, activities, safety, first aid, and hygiene.

Within each section there’s plenty of other sub-sections that covers each area in depth offering plenty of how to do guides that are easy to follow. The author adds her own experiences and humour which makes the book enjoyable to read as well as practical.

The book can be picked up at any time to take a look at a specific area of advice that you may need to find out quickly whether at camp or not. Some readers will enjoy reading the book at leisure from beginning to end and to use use at a later date for the camping tips.

Conclusion - Verdict

I really enjoyed reading the camping with kids book by Helen Olsson and found all the advice and tips useful, accurate while offering some humour.

The book is a great guide for a family new to camping and a good read for the avid adventurer's that can pick up a few new tips as well.

    Easy to follow
    Enjoyable Read
    Accuracy of Advice
    Value for money

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