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Camping Toilets Makes Outdoor Life More Convenient

Camping Toilets

An independent resource for finding the best portable camping toilets from the top brands.

The resource offers reviews, ratings and suggestions from some of the top brands including Thetford, Coleman, Century and others..

Fortunately there's a fair few models and brands that have been tested and used by consumers to be able to give you a sufficient unbiased opinion and review that can help the recreation person choose a reliable portable loo.

Here's Some Of The Best Brands Available

Note: You may want to take a brief look at the most popular brands then check out reviews from the best they have to offer in the further guides and reviews provided here.


Coleman Portable Toilet

Coleman has a long history of supplying camping gear that most outdoor enthusiasts have used at some point.

Well known for their wide range of stoves, lanterns and tents, it's surprising to find such a limited amount of models from the company worth taking a look at. There are mixed opinions from users for the Coleman.

Coleman Portable Toilet Review »


Thetford Portable Toilets

Thetford is a company that supplies a range of mobile sanitation products that cater for the Rver, Camper, Boater and any other type of mobile living needs.

Thetford offer a good range of Camping toilets suitable for a persons outdoor needs which they call the Porta Potti available in various sizes.

The Campa Potti XG is one I really liked for camping and many other users agree with me.

Thetford Portable Toilets Review »


Century Portable Toilet

Century is another brand worth taking a look at for portable toilets suitable for camping, Rving and any other mobile recreation needs.

The century models well worth considering when searching for the best and affordable Porta loo includes the 8L Passport Portable Potty. These do very well in consumer reviews and ratings.

Century Portable Toilet Review »


Reliance is a another company that provides basic camp loos. These are pretty cheap and can be picked for for around $20 - $40.

The three popular models is the Hassock, Fold N Go and the popular 5 gallon Luggable loo.

Many users have been very happy with their purchase and gave the three portable toilets 5 stars out of 5 ratings.

Reviews coming soon....


Stansport is a company well known for supplying camping gear for those that need to buy affordable gear.

Stansport only have one Camp Toilet model which is very basic. Its a seat that's lightweight and uses disposable plastic bags. For those looking for something simple and cheap then this could suffice, but don't expect anything fancy.

Review coming soon....

Female Urination Device

Female Urination Device

These are available in throw away types or re-usable that gives a woman the opportunity and freedom to pee like a guy outdoors when a toilet is unavailable or hard to reach.

Theres a few brands available that are a worth considering included in the best sellers list provided here.

Best Selling Female Urination Device »

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