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Prizes Available for Submitting Camping Reviews for 2013! (next competition coming soon)

You have bought and tested the gear, used the best tips and tricks in the book, camped at the best place ever. Why not share with us and have the opportunity to receive a prize? just for giving your experience.

The competition's available change monthly or less frequently which are announced here, within the newsletter and the facebook page .

Some gifts offered are in vouchers for camping gear, or an item of gear sent to you, while others could be cash incentives. You may want to keep this page bookmarked to keep up-to-date with what's happening that's of interest to you.

How do I submit a review?

    Sending camping reviews is easy, by following these steps:

  • The form: Use the form below to enter the review with pictures, if you have pictures to contribute. ( Note: Remember to complete the e-mail address incase you win a prize so you can be notified)

  • Words: For a chance to win a prize you will need to submit at least 300 words and a picture but you do not have to be the most skilled writer. Your review will receive it's own web page making it important to share as much as possible with others.

  • Pictures: People like images because they tell a story in themselves. You can upload images in the form. If you have difficulties uploading let me know to help offer an alternative e-mail address.

Competition Coming Soon

First prize $50, second $30 and third £20 payed into your paypal account. Don't have a paypal account? You can set one up here Winner's announced and notified by e-mail and on Facebook.

Reviews needed: Anything gear and equipment related such as pocket knives, water filters, coolers, camp stoves, air mattresses etc. Look around the site for ideas!

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