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Camping Mattress Buyers Guide, Reviews

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The camping mattress buyers guide is here to help you choose the best camping bed by considering the advantages and disadvantages of each type, brand and model...

There's nothing like a good sleep system to get a great nights sleep on a camp trip. However, there are some important considerations to note before parting with your cash.

If your family camping or car camping you may be looking for a double or king size camping air mattress, because weight and portability is not an issue.

Backpacking and hiking trips require a lightweight type of camp mattress that most of us call sleeping pads, made from a couple of foam variations and air types which are likely to be self inflating .

"Best Selling Brands" Reviews and other buyers guides

Coleman Air Bed

Coleman probably sells more air beds than any other company. Let's take a look at how they perform and rate among users.

Intex Air Mattress

Intex is one of the most popular air mattress companies that you can take look at here and compare the best models.

Sleeping Pad

Theres various Sleeping pads to consider which includes self-inflating air mattress types. The best brands are here too.

Points To Consider Before Buying A Camping Air Mattress

Now, an air mattress for camping will be the most comfortable of all. These are made to be as close to a household bed as possible. However, close is quite far, as the companies that produce a camping mattress have a challenge to provide the comfort of your own bed.

I'm afraid you may need to lower your expectations for what these can do.

When buying an inflatable air bed you have the option of manual pumping, using a foot pump or electric pumps.

Electric pumps are the most convenient but will increase the cost overall if you have to buy separately. You will either need an electric hook up, or your car close to the tent if access into your tent is tight and the electric pump runs from the car battery power.

Rechargeable pumps are a good option and plenty of campgrounds have an electricity point to recharge when needed.

Manual pumps will either be a kind of foot pump or a hand pump fitted to the camping mattress that takes some pumping to fully inflate. The manual inflating types are not fun to pump after pitching a tent on a hot day, although they are cheap and need no form of power, apart from arm power.

The down side of a camping air bed, includes slight deflating during a nights sleep, punctures and/or air leaks causing the air bed to completely deflate.

Consumer reviews on average are mostly 50/50 for the performance of many of the air types. Some consumers say they had no deflating problems others say it went completely flat overnight. Using the instructions for inflating is advisable, and buying from a trusted retailer that has a good returns policy is smart.

Various sizes are available, from single to twin, double and king size. Also, if you have problems with getting up from close to the floor you have the option of buying a camp mattress that is the size of two camping mattresses to provide the height needed.

Best Camp Bed Brands

  1. Coleman
  2. Wenzel
  3. Aero bed
  4. Intex air mattress

Other popular names for buying camping gear will sell a camping air mattress, although with limited reviews for performance. Cheaper options are available but be warned, you have a good chance of waking up deflated.

Foam And Self Inflating Camping Mattresses

The self inflating camping mattress or foam types are what is better known as sleeping pads.

These are the best option for backpacking or hiking trips. The foam mattress is the most versatile and will never leak or become punctured.

If car camping and no one has major comfort issues we would advise you to look more in to using these types for reliability.

Self inflating mattressess are a great lightweight option that also provides great comfort.

For more information about these visit the Sleeping Pad Reviews .

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