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Choosing Camping Lights Made Easy

First, we take a look through a quick guide for choosing suitable camping lights for various needs. Then you will find reviews and recommendations for the various types of camp lights available.

The types available on the market has improved over the years for the outdoor enthusiast of today, even camping lanterns, flashlights and torches have changed for the better and become more convenient.

Choosing which type of camping light can be made easier with an explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Many outdoor enthusiasts will choose to use more than one type of lighting to camp out, and its easy to see why.

Camping Lanterns

picture of lantern

These are a popular choice for base camp and car camping tips. These are great for creating light that has width for evening around the camp fire, playing cards or just enjoying a lovely evening after a days camping activities.

A camping lantern will also be suitable for backpacking and hiking, although only various models are suitable because of weight to be carried and fuel used.

Lanterns for camping can be battery operated, use liquid fuel, gas, solar powered or even the camping candle lantern.

There is much more to consider when choosing a lantern which you will find at the Camping lanterns page.

Led Camping Lights

Led camping lights could be a lantern, headlamps, flashlight or any other lighting that uses bulbs.

These are popular because the light output of each individual light emitting diodes (LED) are small compared to incandescent and compact fluorescent lighting.

LEDs should emit light in a small band of wavelengths, producing strongly colored light that's efficient compared to other bulbs used for camp lighting.

Electric or battery operated Camp lights whether LED or not, are one of the safest options for camping with kids. Fuel lanterns can be a risk around children and should not to be used in tents.

These are a good option instead of using a hand-held torch, with some reaching over 100 metres in distance.

LED Headlamps

headlamp picture

We briefly explained LED camping lights above and headlamps are no exception when it comes to a great light output.

These are a great option for any type of outdoor adventures, which includes hiking, backpacking, climbing and other activities.

These are brilliant for needing light without holding a lamp in the hand. Pitching a tent at night or finding your way to the toilet is made easy with a headlamp. Whilst they are great for backpacking and hiking they are also suitable for base camp alongside another type of camping light.

Further Advice and Tips

See which type of fuel will suit you best if choosing camping lanterns, this is explained in the lanterns guide.

For any of the battery operated lights check to see if your able to use rechargeable batteries or if the item is rechargeable to save the expense of buying new batteries.

Wind up type lights or dynamo lights are a useful form of lighting. They need no batteries, although they are not the brightest they can be useful and fairly cheap with no extra cost for batteries.

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