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Camping Cots Guide and Reviews

Cots for camping are not a must for everyone, however; for some they are worth considering and can offer many advantages.

Camping Cots provide an opportunity of avoid having to sleep on the floor, which cuts down the roughing it aspect of camping.

The only other way to be raised from the floor in this way is by using a camping mattress. Although a mattress will provide much needed comfort, cots definitely have their advantages, which we explain here.

Why and Who Uses Them ?

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There are advantages and disadvantages when buying most types of camping gear and equipment. Most of the time its just a case of is it necessary or not, and then do we need it for comfort making the trip more enjoyable.

Here's some of the advantages:

  • Sleeping on uneven ground is avoided by missing those nasty lumps and bumps that a sleeping pad may not avoid.

  • Avoiding insects and bugs is a big advantage for some.

  • Compared to an air mattress or camping air bed, they provide a space underneath to keep gear and equipment.

  • People who have damaged knees or arthritic joints enjoy using them because they limit the pressure put on joints when getting out of bed.

  • Whilst cold weather camping the body being kept away from the floor is a great advantage, although a camping mat of some sort may still be useful on top of the cot for extra insulation and comfort.

  • Condensation is avoided and if the tent leaks making the floor wet or damp, you won't being affected.
  • Much easier to take in and out of a tent, and easier to set up than a mattress.

A Camping cot also has disadvantages:

  • For backpacking and hiking they can be a little on the heavy side, although there are a few lightweight versions. Hikers and backpackers will prefer a sleeping pad or mat.
  • The space underneath the cot is an advantage for ventilation in the summer but can also allow cold too the underneath section of the body (overcome with a camping mat) in colder climates.

  • Compared to a good quality air bed they may not be quite as comfy.

  • Whilst its possible to buy a 2 person type, they are not going to provide the comfort an air bed can.

Consider these points

There are many sizes available, with major brands that include, Slumberjack, Teton, Eureka, Coleman, Alps, and other brands.

Its worth considering the weight before buying, how they pack away, how they set up, the weight they should support and finally what other consumers have to say that have tried the particular model your considering.

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