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Camping Cooking Supplies - Guide To Camp Cookware

The guide and reviews here are to help you choose your camping cooking supplies and camp cookware suitable for the your next camping, hiking or backpacking trip.

Having the right tools for the job when camping makes a trip an adventure to be repeated in the near future, rather than avoided at all costs.

Making informed decisions about camp cooking supplies and camping cookware begins with an understanding of the various types and the advantages or disadvantages they offer.

Various Cookware " metals used "

Here's an overview of the types of metal used for cookware, also the "disadvantages and advantages".


Titanium is a popular metal used for outdoor camping supplies for cooking. Titanium camping cookware is hard wearing and lightweight, which attracts those backpacking or hiking. It also heats quickly, which means less fuel consumption.

A disadvantage will be costs, although titanium lasts along time when cared for properly. The issue with titanium is poor heat distribution which can cause hot spots.

If you're using equipment made from titanium become aware of how fast they can heat, as they will overheat quick and burn food. Using abrasives that can scratch or damage the surface is to be avoided.

Titanium is a natural no stick metal that can be used with much less oil or water that makes camp cooking easy and lighter.

With all said and done, this is the safest, and lightest camping cooking supplies to choose from, although it lets a persons wallet know this too.

Cast Iron

Camp cookware made from cast iron would not be a backpackers first choice because it's a heavy metal. Car camping or base camp trips with this cookware is suitable. Cast iron can distribute and retain heat very well compared to titanium.

Properly seasoned cast iron pots and pans prevents rusting and can last many years.

This is the metal used for a camp dutch oven and the best heavy duty pots for cooking a big meal. Everything is strong and durable about these and would be the most popular amongst a group or family camping.

Cast iron outdoor camping supplies for cooking is great used on a camp fire as well as camp stoves. The only disadvantage we are aware of is, they will be too heavy for backpacking.


Aluminium cookware can be very cheap, lightweight and a great for heat conduction. This is as far as the positives go with aluminium, as they do burn food easy and there are many concerns about contamination. Now, they say there is no concrete proof that aluminium camp cookware causes Alzheimer's, but the mere concerns may be enough to go with other materials available for some people

Stainless Steel

This is the type of cookware we find in most homes. Stainless steel pots and pans are a little heavy for a backpack but they are tough, durable and easy enough to clean. Manufacturers will use aluminium on the bottom and outside of the cookware to allow even heat distribution as full stainless steel will distribute heat unevenly.

Now, many health conscious cooks are turning to anodized aluminum cookware as a safer alternative to basic aluminium.

This type of camping pots and pans are cheaper than titanium camping cooking supplies and are much safer than basic aluminium gear.

Not quite as heavy as cast iron but heavier than titanium, somewhere in between both.

Camp Cooking Supplies Reviews, Guides And Suggestions.......

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