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Camping Coffee Maker Reviews

The main types of Camping coffee makers vary in design and how the coffee is heated which is dependant on the needs of the person and the type of trip taken.

The three popular types for camp trips will use an electric supply, a stove or there's the french coffee press for adding hot water.

We provide a review of three of the types here to provide an overview of which may best suit your needs for the next camping trip.

Coleman - to be used on a stove

The Coleman coffee machine is a sturdy maker to be used on a 2-3 burner camping stove with a solid steel base without the need of an electrical outlet.

This unit has a capacity for 10 cups of coffee which will see to the needs of all the family and whoever wants a second cup, taking approximately 10 minutes to brew.

The Coleman measurements are; 14-inches in height, a width of 11.25 inches and a depth of 9.25 inches. It features a pause and serve feature, so you can interrupt the brew to pour a cup, a wing out filter basket, and an easy to pour decanter.

This is a favourite option for many campers that love a coffee similar to one made at home in the morning, that's very affordable, priced at approx $40.

This model rates well and receives many 5 star reviews on amazon. Many prefer this than the coffee percolator.

GSI Outdoors Java Press

The GSI outdoors coffee maker is a press that is used when hot water is added inside the main unit that holds 20 oz (personal GSI Java), 30oz (.85L), and 50oz (1.4L) for the larger unit.

Weighing only 10.8 oz (personal), 10.3 oz (30 oz), and 14.6 oz (50 oz) makes these portable for various adventures and the shatter resistant material will allow them to take knocks and bumps without breaking.

This french press uses a split ring plunger to keep coffee ground out the cup and holds heat within the unit with the EVA insulating sleeve.

Its priced at around $20-$30 dependant on the size needed, that makes it an affordable heavy duty maker for those needing something small and durable that keeps proper coffee hot.

Brunton Brewfire Coffee Maker

The Brunton looks the part and in theory should be a the perfect coffee maker using propane or butane fuel, although reports seem too tell a different story.

This Brunton coffee machine is equipped with a 30 degree tilt auto shut off, burner flame blow out and auto relight functions for safety.

Reviews provided report about problems with the igniter, and issues with the unit being faulty out of the box. There are a few good reviews for the Camping coffee makers although for the price ( over $100) we have to agree with others that is a brilliant idea but just isn't good enough quality.

We are hoping the quality of these are improved by Brunton because they are such a fantastic idea.


These are three types above that are heated in 3 different ways, with the Coleman and GSI coffee makers doing what they need to well, priced fairly and they're recommended by many users.

The Brunton is a great idea in theory, although it just doesnt seem to be high enough quality although it can perform well whilst working.

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