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Buying The Best Camping Candle Lantern

A camping candle lantern is economical as well as affordable. The UCO brand is the most popular on the market and has been since 1982 that provides the most natural light of all the lanterns available.


picture of a candle lantern used for the outdoors
  • Reliable: No need for batteries, fuel, no mantle or bulbs to replace. (replacement candles required)

  • Environmentally Friendly: No fuels to be burnt or batteries to be disposed.

  • Affordable and Lightweight: Can easily be home made although they are pretty cheap to buy anyway. They're also light enough for backpacking trips.

  • Safe Option: Require no fuel to ignite or to be spilt.

The Best Sellers

Browse the various types, including the popular original UCO, candelier lantern, mini and others. The links provided below will give further information about each lantern model.

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Safety And Other Options

These type on lanterns that have a natural flame need users to take precaution's whilst using to provide safety for the user and the environment. Please read instructions before using one to prevent problems.

If your not sure what type of lantern is suitable or you need one that offers more light output then it's best to check out the Lanterns advice guide and different types.

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