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Camp Chef Stove Review

The company Camp Chef provide various products that focus on cooking for the outdoors and have become increasingly popular over the last 10 years, or so.

Camp chefs line of products include dutch ovens, grills, fire pits and of course camping stoves.

Here are popular Camp Chef stove models that receive positive consumer reports and performed well for the users, overall.

Pro GB-90D

picture of the camp chef professional model

The Professional Model Camp Chef Professional is the largest from this brand that features three (30'000 BTU) burners, for the group or family wanting the biggest and best of stoves available.

Features include:

  • Weight: Its a heavy unit that weighs approx 55lbs, however, car campers will not have an issue with the weight and will still find it portable enough.
  • Legs and Shelves: Folding legs are used for assembling the stove and two folding shelves are provided on each side of the stove for keeping utensils, plates etc.
  • Windscreen: The three sided wind screen provided helps to reduce the amount of wind that can affect the burners.
  • Dimensions: Cooking surface dimensions 37.5 inches x 15.6 .Height 36 inches.

The good news:

Consumer reviews and ratings are very positive for the Pro GB-90D. Most buyers have give ratings of 4 or 5 stars out of 5 and found it cooks quick, simmers well, folds easily, and overall is a great stove. Its also perfect for using at home to get the maximum use of the money spent.

The not so good:

Its hard to find much room for complaint. For some it will be a bit pricey and not the amount they would like to spend. Some have had an issue with the legs not being able to lock when its folded up, although using something to tie them sufficed.

Overall Ratings

Sport Utility

picture of the sport utility model

The Sport Utility Model Camp Chef Sport Utility is a two burner table top design stove from the camp chef stove range. Its much cheaper than the above Professional that can be picked up for under $150, however, it does not lack performance.

Features include:

  • Burners: The two 30'000 BTU burners are made from cast iron that are durable and can throw out plenty of heat.
  • Legs: The detachable legs are useful for those that like to put the stove on a table at the right height after removing the legs.
  • Windscreen: Has two windscreens and the closable lid is used for a windscreen.
  • Weight: Its still pretty heavy like the Professional model above, weighing 35 lbs. Weight is largely due to cast iron burners.
  • Dimensions: 14.75 Inches width by 28.25 Inches length. Legs measure approximately 20 inches.

The good news:

This picks up impressive ratings by consumer reviews. The majority of buyers gave the stove 5 out of star ratings and others gave it a four.

Most users agree its durable, cooks great, folds easily and is easy to operate. Its another stove from Camp Chef that works well for home use as well as camping.

Not so good:

Some buyers agree its a heavy unit, however, its to be expected, it uses cast iron burners and steel components! The legs are shorter than the first stove we mentioned which can be an issue for taller folk or people with back problems.

Overall Ratings

Explorer Series EX-60LW

Picture Explorer Series EX-60LW model

The EX-60LW StoveCamp Chef EX-60LW is from the Explorer series. This is another solid 2 burner ( 30'000 BTU) stove with removable legs.

Features include:

  • Burners: Two cast iron 30'000 BTU burners provides more than enough output.
  • Legs: Removable legs.
  • Windscreen: Three sided windscreen.
  • Weight: This is still heavy duty like the above models weighing 40lbs.
  • Dimensions: 16.25 Inches width by 34 Inches in length.

The good news:

Like the first two models included here, it receives very positive consumer reports and ratings. Most buyers give the Explorer 5 out of 5 stars. Similar comments are made which includes, how powerful it is, the solid design and how its well worth the money.

Not so good:

Main common issue is the stove not having a built in ignition.

Overall Ratings

Conclusion - Overall

The three stoves above are all worth considering if a buyer is looking for a solid stove that will last and offers a high output for camp cooking needs, and/or backyard use.

There is very little disadvantages mentioned by buyers, most of them are more than happy with there purchase. You will find users comparing the Camp Chef stove with their previous Coleman models and giving them much more credit.

They are more pricey than others on the market,however , the performance and durability makes them well worth it.

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