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Big Agnes Roxy Ann 15 Degree Womens Sleeping Bag

The Big Agnes Roxy Ann Sleeping Bag is a bag that is designed specifically for women. It is not only shorter, but offers features that differ from men's sleeping systems in several key ways.

The design and features Big Agnes has incorporated into the Roxy Ann makes it roomy while still considering the needs of a user keeping warm down to lower temperatures.

    What's Smart?

  • Sleeping Pad Sleeve
  • Comfortable
  • Roomy
  • Performs well in lower temperatures

    What's Not?

  • Have to supply correct sleeping pad
  • Zipper Snags
Suitable for: Camping, Backpacking, Colder Temperatures
Approx price: $229.95 - $239.95 US or less
Countries available: US - Canada

Features and Design

The semi-mummy shaped design is ideal for those that like extra room that a full mummy sized bag does not offer. Although its roomier than a mummy type bag it does not lack insulation and features such as the draft collar, zipper tube and hood that keeps a user nice and warm.

Note, most rectangular bags don't have a hood, whereas the mummy style does. This sleeping bag offers the best of both worlds by providing the roominess of a rectangular style and the heat insulation of a hooded mummy style.

The main common complaint found among users is the zipper snagging which is somewhat irritating. However, it does not need to be a problem that a buyer should use to make an overall decision of not purchasing it if everything else suits a buyers needs. The snagging can be overcome by using the zipper carefully.

The other useful features that are found in the Big Agnes range includes the pocket for using a pillow, the ability to mate the sleeping bag with another and the pad sleeve. However, these are only useful if this is what a buyer is seeking or needing.


Like all other Big Agnes sleeping bags, the Roxy has no insulation on the underside. It relies instead on the presence of a 20 inch wide rectangular sleeping pad that is slid inside the integrated sleeping pad sleeve on the underside of the bag.

This further serves to secure the pad to the bag itself, so you don't roll off of it in the middle of the night. The sleeping pad must be purchased separately.

The rest of the bag features a unique vertical baffling and quilting design that keeps the 650 fill goose down insulation where it belongs in the bag. This system eliminates cold spots, and redistributes body heat through the bag. The fabric is soft, breathable nylon in teal and gray colors. The exterior is water resistant, and the interior is stain resistant.

Warmth/Temperature Rating

This sleeping system is rated for 15F and above, and is meant to be used in dry, cooler climates. It is recommended for use from early spring to mid-fall.

Unlike many others from this company, the Big Agnes Roxy Ann sleeping bag did not have multiple complaints about users being cold at night.


The Roxy Ann comes with a cotton storage bag that reduces the unit to 9 x 20 inches. This makes it perfect for car campers or storage at home.

For the backpacker where every inch counts, the nylon stuff sack permits this system to be reduced to 8 x 9.5 inches.


This sleeping bag has been priced reasonably, seen online at around $230. However, the sleeping pad that is required forms a hidden price for this bag.

The cheapest inflatable sleeping pad will cost at least $70, with the nicer models rivaling the main system in cost. A foam sleeping pad can be picked up much cheaper at around $30 or more, depending on quality.

Summary - Overall

The Big Agnes Roxy Ann is a good system for the female camper. It will keep her warm, including providing extra padding around the areas that need it most, while keeping her from overheating.

As long as it is used with the appropriate sleeping pad and in a dry environment, it will keep you warm and comfortable.

Minimum Temperature: 15 F
Insulation: 650 goose down.
Weight: Petite 2lb 13oz, Regular 3lb 2oz.
Shell: Nylon microfiber rip-stop.
Max Lenth:Petite 5'6", Regular 5'10".
Girth: Petite ( shoulder 68" - Hip 66" - Foot 54" ) Regular ( shoulder 70" - Hip 68" - Foot 54")
Stuff Sack: Yes
Compression Sack: Yes
No Draft: Collar, Zipper, Wedge (between the bag and pad)
Hooded: Yes
  • This sleeping unit comes in two sizes, regular and petite.

  • The squared-off mummy design of this bag is meant to give a woman more room to move around in her sleep, while still keeping her warm.

  • Petite size: The petite sized bag will fit women up to 5'8” tall, with 68 inches of space in the shoulders, 66 inches to move around in the hips, and 54 inches of space in the feet. This petite design requires a 66 inch long sleeping pad, and weighs a total of 2 pounds, 12 ounces.

  • Regular size: The regular bag will fit women up to 5'10” tall. It offers 70 inches of space in the shoulders, 68 inches around the hips, and 54 inches for the feet. It requires a 70 inch long sleeping pad, and weighs in at 3 pounds, 1 ounce.

  • To prevent your toes and fingers from turning to ice, the folks at Big Agnes have installed specialized insulation around the feet and torso areas.

  • The thick hood will keep heat from escaping around your head, and the draft collar keeps cold air from sneaking into the bag while you sleep.

  • The bag features a full-length zipper, with left and right handed options available. The #8 YKK style zipper allows for mating with other sleeping bags of the same zipper style. Interior fabric loops permit extra lining to be installed when you need to thaw your toes to begin with.

  • Pad sleeve to slip a sleeping pad inside that helps prevent rolling off the pad during the night.

  • Pocket that allows a pillow to be pushed inside.

  • Left and right sided zippers are available.


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