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Big Agnes Lost Ranger 15 Degree Sleeping Bag Review

The Big Agnes Lost Ranger sleeping bag is rated to be used in cold weather conditions. It features a squared mummy design with a hood for additional warmth.

In the review we take a look at the features and give ratings on the actual performance, cost and design of the Lost Ranger.

    What's Smart?

  • Sleeping Pad Sleeve
  • Comfortable
  • Packs well
  • Lightweight

    What's Not?

  • Have to supply correct sleeping pad
  • Does not perform well down to 15 degrees
Suitable for: Camping, Backpacking, Colder Temperatures
Approx price: $239.95 - $259.95 US or less
Countries available: US - Canada

Features and Design

Overall the features and design of the Lost Ranger are what a buyer would hope to see and will in a bag within it's price range.

Designed with features such as a pillow pocket and interior fabric loops for adding some extra lining should you take a chill, the Big Agnes Lost Ranger sleeping bag will keep you comfortable.

The bottom layer of the bag has no insulation, depending instead on a separately purchased 20 inch wide rectangular sleeping mat to be present. It's yet another thing you have to remember.

All the important areas such as the collar, zipper and the mid section of the bag are draft proofed that keeps much needed warmth inside and the unwanted chills out.

For those that don't like the restriction of movement of a full mummy style bag but enjoy the extra warmth they provide; the semi-mummy design is ideal.


This sleeping unit has a rip-stop nylon shell with a quilted and baffled construction. This serves to keep the 650 goose down filling in the areas that it belongs, and insulates the bag against cold spots.

Color options are non-existent, with the somewhat ominous choice of blue and black being the only possibility. The material is breathable, water resistant on the exterior and stain resistant on the interior.

The sleeping pad is joined to the bag from your hips up. This keeps the padding under you, and anchors the bottom of the bag to the ground, permitting you to roll around without your padding ending up on top of you. From the hips down, the sleeping bag is not attached to the pad. This allows you to twist and curl your legs as you like, and still end up on the pad in the morning.

The Lost ranger boasts a draft resistant collar that is pulled tight around the neck, and a hood pulled over the head to help keep body heat in. Between the supply-it-yourself pad and the insulated areas of the bag is a draft resistant wedge. This seems to function best when combined with the Big Agnes Air Core Sleeping Pad in the 20 inch wide variety. The zipper is likewise insulated.

Multiple users have commented that the stitching thread feels scratchy against the bare skin, so wear your night clothes when you are inside the bag.

Warmth/Temperature Rating

The weather rating of 15F and above does have an implied asterisk beside it. The weather, including your bedding site, must be dry in order to keep you warm. The surface is only water repellent, designed to deal with a light dew fall or, at worst, a light frost.

If you camp in damp or wet conditions, in the middle of a winter, or on packed snow, you will not experience a warm night of sleep. Once the surface is compromised and the interior down gets wet, it will lose all abilities to insulate.

There are multiple users claiming to be cold at around the 30F mark with this system. These people appear to be letting their bags get wet, or complaining that cold is getting in around their sleeping pad joining areas when they aren't using the required inflatable 20 inch wide sleeping pad.

This system is best recommended for mid spring to early fall camping and will perfom well when used in these condtions. It will not keep you warm in the middle of a snow drift during a blizzard in South Dakota, but it will handle the dry, normal conditions of an early autumn night when the temperature plummets to 20° unexpectedly.


The Big Agnes Lost Ranger sleeping bag comes with a nylon stuff sack that allows the bag to be easily compressed down to 8 x 17.5 inches. This is still rather bulky for being carried by the backpacker, but makes it good for camping near your car.

The cotton storage sack that is also included allows the bag to be further compressed to 8 x 7.5 inches when the need arises. This option is much better for sliding into your backpack.


This sleeping unit has been seen at multiple places for around $240 before tax. While this is a respectable price to pay for the quality included, it is the somewhat hidden cost of the required, but not included, sleeping pad that brings the price rating down.

The suggested sleeping pad will set you back at least another $70, with more comfortable sleeping pad models almost rivalling the cost of the bag itself.

Summary - Overall

The Big Agnes Lost Ranger will keep you warm and comfortable, assuming you purchase all the needed extras and are camping in the right conditions.

Despite the cold temperature ratings, sleeping in a downpour or on top of a bare snow drift won't find you having a good night. Use this system in combination with common sense for the best results.

Minimum Temperature: 15 F
Insulation: 650 goose down.
Weight: Regular 2lb 14oz, Long 3lb 4oz.
Shell: Nylon microfiber rip-stop.
Max Lenth:Regular 5'10", Long 6'6".
Girth: Regular ( shoulder 70" - Hip 66" - Foot 54" ) Long ( shoulder 73" - Hip 69" - Foot 55")
Stuff Sack: Yes
Compression Sack: Yes
No Draft: Collar, Zipper, Wedge (between the bag and pad)
Hooded: Yes

This sleeping unit comes in two sizes, regular and long. Both sizes are available in left and right handed zipper styles, so that you can mate two bags together for a joined sleeping area.

  • Regular Size: The regular sleeping bag is 5'10” long and weighs 2 pounds, 14 ounces. It provides a shoulder width of 70 inches, offers you 66 inches in the hips, and lets you move your feet around some with 54 inches of provided space.

  • Long Size: The long style weighs in at 3 pounds, 4 ounces. Shoulder room is limited to 73 inches, hips have 69 inches to squeeze into, and the feet have 55 inches of wiggle room.

  • The lining is made from micro fiber rip stop nylon that's tough and breathable. The lining is also down proof (prevents feathers from poking through)) and has a stain resistant finish.

  • The shell fabric is also down proof and is made from a tough, breathable microfiber rip-stop nylon. Water repelant is added.

  • Pad sleeve to slip a sleeping pad inside that helps prevent rolling off the pad during the night.

  • Pillow pocket attached for a user to push a pillow inside if needed.

  • Loops inside for using a liner that is sold seperatly

  • A hood is built in that provides extra warmth and comfort
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