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Big Agnes King Solomon

The Big Agnes King Solomon sleeping bag allows for couples to get a good night's rest without having to wrestle with separate sleeping bags.

Depending on the heat of a second person to keep both sleepers warm may be one of the largest drawbacks this system has. For others it's a great advantage!

    What's Smart?

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Ideal for a couple
  • Packs well

    What's Not?

  • The cost of pads and coupling
  • Quite pricey
Suitable for: Backpacking and camping for two
Approx price: $399.95
Countries available: US - Canada

Features and Design

The squared mummy shape of this sleeping unit encourages two bodies to be curled closely together. If you plan on using the hood, don't be more than 6'2” tall.

This bag will weigh someone's pack down by 5 pounds and 3 ounces, but will overall be lighter than carrying two individual bags of the same quality.

The shoulders are provided a roomy 110 inches in the combined sleeping space. Feet are given 80 inches to kick around in, and a hip girth of 96 inches will allow for cuddling or rolling apart as your mood decrees while camping.

This bag features individual draft protected zippers on each side, going for almost the entire bag length. This permits you to exit the bag during the night with the only disruption to your partner being the burst of cold air when you throw your side back.

Individual pillow pockets and a shared hood allow for both people to be warm and comfortable during the night, while the center draft flap attaches between the hood and the center of the bag with Velcro to keep out unwanted chilly air.

With no barrier between bodies, this system is dependent on the second person being present in order to keep the first person warm. Each person has their own draft proof collar, and the hood is adjustable, so it can be snuggled down around both of your heads to keep heat in.

Interior fabric loops are included, so that you can install additional lining for those nights where your partner stays up later than you do.


This sleeping unit is filled with 600 fill goose down, and is available in a blue and gray color combination.

The shell is a nylon with rip-stop technology. The exterior of the shell has a water resistant treatment added that can help prevent condensation from leaking in , while the interior is stain resistant.

The lining is soft and breathable, permitting excess heat to escape rather than cooking your partner. The vertical baffling and quilting design keeps the down filling where it belongs, which will prevent cold spots, although the company can do little when your partner's toes seem to be naturally made of ice.

The lining and available stitching, as well as the Velcro areas such as the hood draft protector and around the individual collar draft protectors have been reported to be an obnoxious feeling against bare skin. A base layer or even wearing your pajamas is recommended.

Like other Big Agnes bags, the King Solomon has no padding on the bottom of the bag. Instead, there is a separate sleeve for each person to install their own sleeping pad. These sleeping pads are not included. For the camper who isn't paying attention to detail, this lack of padding can provide an unwelcome surprise on the first use.

Each sleeve has be used with a 20 inch wide pad. The inflatable Big Agnes Air Core pad is a model that works well with the Solomon.

The design of this sleeping unit depends on the presence of the second person to anchor the bottom and feet areas of the bag in place. There is a draft protection wedge along the sides of both sleeping pad areas to keep out the chill, but these seem to function best with the suggested sleeping pad.

You will need pair of special straps called sleeping pad coupler straps installed at the tops of the two air pads, and woven through and around the areas near the feet to let the air out while the sleeping pads are being slid into the sleeves. Getting the bottom straps in place can take some effort. Without these straps to hold your pads together, they have been reported to inch apart during the night. This can create an uncomfortable situation when you accidentally roll onto bare ground while reaching for your partner.

Warmth/Temperature Rating

This sleeping bag system has been rated to 15* and, designed to be used in dry conditions. The surface material is only water resistant, meant to be exposed to a light dew or gentle frost at most. If you and your partner attempt to sleep next to your fishing hole on the bare ice of a river, you aren't going to be warm.

The Big Agnes King Solomon sleeping bag depends on having two people present to provide its warmth. The area is far too large to keep a single person warm. The heat rating is also dependent on purchasing the separate sleeping pads and using them properly.

While the Solomon is rated to take the cold it's best suited for camping situations ranging from mid spring to early autumn.

The added bonus of sharing a bag is the amount of heat a couple can generate together.


The included cotton stuff sack allows the bag to be easily condensed to a size of 10 x 21 inches. This makes it a good size to be tossed in the car or stored in the closet between uses.

When being used for backpacking, the system can be compressed to fit into a 10x10 storage sack that is also provided. This makes it a little more reasonable to carry around.

The weight and compressed size of the Solomon will still take up less room than two of most individual bags. However, if you pack light someone will have to carry it in the pack which may take up too much pack space and add unwanted weight. Most users overcome this when sharing who has what stuffed in their backpack.


At around $400, this bag appears to be on the high end of what's available on the market currently although it is for two people. Not only is the system itself expensive, but you have to include the somewhat hidden costs of purchasing two separate sleeping pads and a pad coupler strap.

Each of the sleeping pads are going to set you back at least $70, with the more advanced models exhibiting higher prices unless a buyer is willing to use a much cheaper mat. The coupler straps will cost at least another $15, if you can find a set at all.

An advantage of sharing means a buyer will not have to buy 2 sleeping bags. Two 600 fill down sleeping bags will naturally cost more.

Summary - Overall

So long as you have a second person who's willing to crawl in bed with you, this system will keep you warm and comfortable.

For the overall price, with all the extras included, the system is a little expensive, but for comfort and the heat provided from a partner it could make it worth the cost. Money can also be saved if a buyer weighs up the cost of two sleeping bags.

Minimum Temperature: 15 F
Insulation: 600 Goose down.
Weight: 5lb 3oz.
Shell: Nylon rip-stop.
Girth: Shoulder 110", Hip 96", Foot 80"
Stuff Sack: Yes
Compression Sack: Yes
No Draft: Collar, Zipper, Wedge (between the bag and pad)
Warranty: Lifetime
  • Cotton stuff sack included allows the bag to be easily stuffed to 10 x 21 inches and compressed to 10 x 10 inches.

  • Has been rated to 15F and, designed to be used in dry conditions.

  • Sleeping pad sleeves attached. Pads are sold seperatly that need to be 20 inches wide.

  • Can be use with coupler straps to secure the pads which are also not included.

  • Interior fabric loops for attaching a liner if needed.

  • A zipper on each side for both people to have access in and out.


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