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The Best sleeping bag brands include Marmot, Big Agnes, Western Mountaineering and other's. I have taken a look at some of the most popular sleeping bags and the best sellers and provided reviews, ratings and guides.

Most of us are aware of how important a good sleep system is when camping and backpacking, especially if your hitting the trails a few times a year, winter camping or even taking the kids on a summer family camp out.

The shelter (camping tent), protection from the floor (sleeping pad or mattress), camp cooking gear and of course sleeping bags are all needed to make camping enjoyable, comfortable and practical.

We take a look here at some of the best sleeping bags by brand, to see why they are so popular and also find out who uses them.

Best Sleeping Bags by Brand and Model

I picked out my choice of the best sleeping bags from 3 of the most popular brands.

Big Agnes

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Big Agnes, the company, is a popular name amongst outdoor enthusiasts and have received many awards from gear reviewers like outside magazine, backpackers magazine and the men's journal.

Sleeping Bag by Big Agnes: Big Agnes Gunn Creek Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Synthetic.

The Big Agnes Gunn creek sleeping bag is a 30 degree bag that has synthetic insulation and a water repellent nylon shell. This is a great option if there is a chance the bag could get wet or damp because the synthetic insulation still keeps you warm when it's wet, unlike down fill types of sleeping bags and dries much easier.

A useful feature is the sleeve on the back of this Big Agnes sleeping bag that can hold a rectangular sleeping pad, so you don't roll off of in the middle of the night.

These are not the lightest sleeping bags, but light enough for most adventures, weighing (Regular} 3lb 1oz (1389g); {Long} 3lb 5oz (1531g).

The Big Agnes is an affordable bag, priced at approx $150, suitable for moderate weather camping or backpacking, when temperature is above freezing.

When we chose this out of the best sleeping bags by Big Agnes, we had in mind, fair price without losing quality, and a bag that works well above freezing temperatures that could stay cool on warmer nights. And finally because the bag uses synthetic materials if it gets damp or wet it won't affect sleeping or drying out.

Overall Ratings


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Marmot is another well known company supplying outdoor gear at high standards. Marmot headquarters is now in Santa Rosa, California. They have 650 authorized Marmot dealers in the US, with offices in California, Colorado, Canada, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Sweden and Germany.

Marmots early days began with two guys testing out sleeping bags and materials in a commercial frozen meat locker to find the best performing materials. Marmot do have some of the best sleeping bags on the market compared to many other brands.I liked the never summer for various reasons.

Marmot Best Sleeping Bag: Marmot Never Summer + 0 Sleeping Bag

The Marmot never summer EN Tested sleeping bag is our choice out of the best supplied by Marmot for the following features.

The 600 + Goose Down fill, classic trapezoidal foot box gives more foot room, and the velcro-free face muff will keep the draw cord and zipper away from the face. This sleeping bag is designed to provide room without allowing cold temperatures to find its way inside.

This was chose as the best sleeping bag by Marmot for the flexibility of the bag adjusting well from below freezing condition back up to 40f. It has all the features to keep someone cozy and warm in winter conditions at the right price of approx $270.

The only drawback is the 3lb 14oz (1771g) weight; However for the price it is hard to find a bag that performs so well. Stick another $100 min on the price tag to start reducing the weight, without loosing the warmth, room and features.

Overall Ratings

Western Mountaineering (WM)

western mountaineering sleeping bag

This company may not be as well known as some of the others, although lightweight backpackers are likely to know about their products. They state they are driven by a personal commitment and make all their sleeping bags in a factory in San Jose to give customers the quality they want made with USA pride.

There is one main reason I would include a WM in the best sleeping bags article, because it's ideal for the lightweight backpacker.

Sleeping Bag By Western Mountaineering: HighLite Sleeping Bag: 35 Degree Down

The Western mountaineering highlite weighs a mere 1lb (reg) and is one of the lightest sleeping bags by WM and other makes for that matter(brands).

This bag should keep a user should keep a user warm and comfortable down to 35 F. This is a fantastic choice for lightweight summer camping and backpacking trips.

This Western Mountaineering is a 850+ fill bag. The features of the HighLite and design is about reducing weight and increasing the compressibility for packing. The features include a light shell fabric, a half-length zipper and a streamlined cut for the slim jims. If your a big chap make sure it's your fit.

The denier Ripstop nylon provides even construction for substantial down proof fabric, which means the down feathers are likely to stay inside the bag.

Cold spots are catered for with the box baffle construction that prevents down shifting which causes cold spots (important for lightweight down sleeping bags) .

When all is said and done this is our choice of the best sleeping bag by western mountaineering for ultralight summer use. Priced at $260-$280 its not the most expensive bag when considering the craftsmanship gone into the bag, to make it light and effective.

The main issue to be aware of is these sleeping bags are best suited to those that don't mind a slim fit.

Overall Ratings


All the above, are the best sleeping bags of our choice from Western mountaineering, Marmot and Big Agnes. All these companies and others have many other fantastic bags to choose from.

There is a large choice, so choose the best sleeping bag very well, that will meet your outdoor needs.

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