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Tips For Women Camping Alone

Over recent years women camping alone and traveling has become much more popular.

Times have changed that gives women the opportunity to be independent and take value for there own dreams and goals in life. In the past it was all about mens... How fantastic is that ....

There is only a handful of differences for Women Camping than us guys. It is important that a women feels safe. Many women won't venture out alone because of fear which is understandable.

Fear is Opportunity in Disguise

If fear is what stops you from living your dreams try reading this book. It is practical and true by Susan Jeffers

I am a guy that goes camping solo, backpacking and traveling. There are challenges ,of course that been overcome from my own resources and experiences that has gave me a lot of confidence.

My friend Judy is a solo traveler and has travelled for over 9 months at a time. She has nothing but experience and great memories.


Women camping alone without being lonely, It's your call. Time for some dutch courage! Speak to local people find out what you can about the area.

You will be surprised how nice people can be and what they offer in tips and advice. Be friendly with the other campers on the campsite you can meet some cool people.

Other people may ask you when they know your alone if you would like to visit somewhere with them for day. Its happened loads of times for me,it just offers a day trip with others to spilt the time up alone.

When you eat out, eat at cafe's or a place that's busy. Maybe ask a new friend you have made to come along. I take something to read if i dont make conversation with someone.

Unwanted Attention from Men

Most guys are fine. Some men may just be attracted to you and are just testing the water to see if you respond.

If you feel a guy is strange then follow your instincts, you are probably right.

If someone is asking questions, a stranger, then lie about who your with and dont let them know about any of your plans.

Tell them your brother or boyfriend is arriving today. Even say something like thats just reminded me i need to call them now to see what time they are arriving, then say goodbye.

If you are being pestered by someone go into a shop or speak to someone and tell them about this guy, even point at him to make him realise you know and now someone else knows that he is a creep.

If you are legally allowed to carry mace. If you have to call the police, just do it.

If you have a bad experience explain to someone on the campsite and maybe spend the day with them or put your backpack on and try new pastures for peace of mind.

Theft Risk

It's best to leave expensive jewellery and unnecessary items at home. Leave the wardrobe at home ladies! Insure the items you carry incase a problem occurs

Keep your items zipped away in your backpack, camera, purse etc, for the day wherever you are.

Other Resources

The Female Urination Device has become popular over recent years for the female outdoors enthusiast when toilets are not so easy to find. These are affordable devices that can be bought as throw away items or re-usable.

Various tips and advice for camping solo

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