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Best Camping Towel For Outdoors and Travel

picture of travel and camp towel

A great item to add to your list of items to be taken on the next trip is a travel - camping towel.

Essential for lightweight trips

Lightweight gear including towels are essential for various camping and travel activities because of packing and carrying restrictions we have.

Travel towels are popular because they are very compact, lightweight and dry much quicker than a household towel.

I traveled through India and south-East Asia with my towel which im so glad I did. It never left a smell in my backpack which I was very impressed with and was useful in so many situations.

They cost more but have advantages

They cost more than a normal towel, however, some types of trips are essential for taking something so compact.

One great advantage among many others I found especially for travel puropses is its kind of an item I don't always use but it's there in my pack or travel bag taking up very little room and extra weight to be concerned about.

Suggested Best Buys

Below are some towels for camping/travel available. Most are microfibre, vary slightly in weight. They are available in different sizes and colours.

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