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Smart Tips And Ideas When Camping With Kids

family camping sitting on a rock

Family camp trips is one of the special memories me and my children treasure that gets mentioned in a conversation when we get together, a lot.

We have great memories when everything was just chilled out and going right.

Then there was the times when Dad (me) would throw my dummy out the pram (well, out the tent) because something wasn't going my way. And, times the KIDS we're complaining about how far we had to walk back to the camp site, or squabbling over trivial things.

The most frustrating times while camping with kids have become the funniest of all when we look back.

There's tips that I've learned and ideas that helped make camping with the kids so much easier, safe and more importantly a lot of fun. Let's take a look at some useful tips and plan well....

Getting prepared for the camp trip

This is a part of going on a camp out to spend time getting right, not that I always did it perfectly.

Picture Of Camping Kit

Taking the kids camping makes preparation even more important ( or maybe just different?) than going alone or with other adults to prevent unwanted problems that can be prevented.

  • Lists: Prepare a camping list of all gear, food, and other essentials that will be needed.

  • Camp area: Find out as much as possible about the area your camping such as, toilets/showers available, trails to hike, local shops, is an electricity socket available for charging a phone or GPS? If your hiking/backpacking then you will need a lot more preparation and knowledge of the area to meet everyone’s needs and keep the family safe which is covered in more depth within the camping safety guide.

  • What to bring?: What we take with us is different for everyone. Some prefer going light while others take everything but the kitchen sink when camping with kids. It also depends on the type of trip were going on. The best advice is to take a look at a checklist of items that can be taken and stuff that is essential then decide what’s right for your own family.

  • The car: If car camping the Dad or Mom get the car sorted. Serviced, oil, water, enough fuel, breakdown cover etc. And, of course some snacks to keep the kids tummy happy.

  • Attitude (not altitude): If you forget to bring a sleeping bag, the torch or any other items, improvise and find another solution. Things sometimes go wrong. Before you set out say to yourself if any small problems comes along then so what it isn't’t going to ruin our day or trip. Make fun out them by calling problems the So What Camp Song between you all which will make them a lot lighter.

  • Your accommodation (Tent): If you have just picked up a new tent then do try and pitch it in the back yard to make sure all parts are available and to get a practice run before arriving at the camp site.

Arriving at camp

  • Arriving early: If you can arrive early then great, your off to a good start. This reduces stress getting set up, gives time to relax after travelling and the opportunity to take a walk around the surrounding area.
  • Sign When Arriving at camp
  • Get the children involved: If you can give the kids small tasks to help with, most will love being part of sorting the camp set up out, well most of the time. If one of the Kids is a bit fed up and doesn't’t want to get involved then I would would let them chill out. The fresh air and food will soon help them.

  • Pitching the tent: Pitch the tent on ground that does not slope too much, use a footprint (groundsheet) to protect underneath the tent from damage and water leaking. Decide which way the door or doors are best to face, and follow the tent manufacturers recommendations for setting up. Note: Do try and do a trial run of pitching the tent at home as mentioned above.


Picture Of Kids Doing Fun Activities

There’s many things to do to keep the kids active and happy whilst at camp. Hiking, treasure trails, kids games, collecting berries to eat, finding fire wood are just a few.

Bringing basic things like a football, playing cards, and other stuff makes all the difference when camping with kids. Avoid, bringing or bringing as much the electronic games if you would like the children to get the most out of camping and outdoors.

More about Kids Activities Camping »

Kids Clothing

two children running in quality outdoor clothing

Bringing the right clothes for the kids depends on the type of activities planned, and of course mother nature.

For colder conditions layering clothes is advisable. When its summer take loose, lightweight, and light colored clothing. Also, think about the correct footwear needed which could be sandals, hiking boots, trail type shoes, which again depends on the activities planned.


Camp Food

Food hanging up

I find it best to keep food simple and pretty easy to cook when camping with kids or solo. There’s lots of easy food recipes we can make with pasta, rice, potatoes and other foods that can be yummy for the kids and simple to put together.

Camping With Toddlers

Two Toddlers Camping

There are considerations to make for the children that will depend on there age and size. Toddlers are considered a toddler from age 1 to about 3. If your little one or ones are going on a camp out for the first time please don’t worry, they will be fine.

We have to consider what we need to bring ( nappies, creams, foods etc.) ? Keeping a closer watch on them , getting about ( baby carrier, push chair) and preparing how they will sleep.

The full specific guide for the little ones is Coming Soon.....

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