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Camping Safety Advice Guide

Lady Hiking alone

Venturing outdoors on a camping trip can bring unwanted experiences at times that could be easily prevented or dealt with appropriately by having good camping safety knowledge.

There's a range of possible problems associated with camping that are worth considering before venturing out to keep everyone safe.

Following these tips and ideas for camp fire safety, winter and hot weather camping, packing first aid kits, solo camping and many others provided, will ensure a safe camping experience for all...

Planning a Trip

Before setting out it pays to find out as much information about the place your going to camp and anything else associated with the area if you plan to do activities such as hiking .

Most information needed about the camp sites and the surrounding area can be found on the internet and book guides that will help you prepare for the trip.

A few things to consider and find out before packing and leaving home

  • Are animals such as bears and rodents within the area?
  • Where can you find water at the campground?
  • If someone's going that has a disability, is the site well adapted and designed for disabled users?
  • Are camp fires allowed?
  • What's weather is like at that time of year in the area to be able to plan what clothes to take and other items needed.
  • How well maintained are the trails if hiking? to make sure you take the right footwear. ( Tip: take some sort of map or GPS)

First Aid Kit

Camping First Aid Kits

It's wise to bring a first aid kit. These can be bought as kit or you can make a put together kit.

The put together kit is useful because we all have different needs, camp in different places and do activities that vary, making some items needed in various quantities while other items may not be required.

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Hot Weather Camping

Picture Of A Sun for Hot Weather Camping

Camping in a hot climate or summer brings it's own set of possible issues, if your lucky enough have hot weather, that is..

Sun screen protection, sun hats, light clothing, insect repellant are items to remember to pack and use to prevent bites and sun burn.

The things we have to consider is very much dependent on where we're going and what type of activities we do. More specifics about this are covered in the hot weather article below..

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Camp Fire Safety

Camp Fire Picture

There's a few things to be aware of when having a fire at camp that will keep us safe and our environment protected.

  • Ensure campfires are permitted.
  • Choosing the right spot to build a fire,
  • Keep stoves and fuel canisters away from the fire
  • Make sure it's extinguished properly before sleeping
  • Don't have it to close to the tent

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Women Camping Alone

Woman Pointing For Directions To Camp

There are a few camping safety precautions a woman can take while camping to keep safe.

Many women now go backpacking around the world alone and go solo-camping which was unheard of, not so many years ago.

Women, without being sexist, are more vulnerable to unwanted attention which makes keeping close to others an advantage.

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Food Safety

Food Safety Camping

We need to follow some of the basic health and hygiene precautions we do back home, such as not using the same utensils for meat and veg to prevent cross-contamination etc.

Storing camp food properly will prevent food from going bad quickly. Where and how we store food is also important when it comes to keeping animals and rodents away from the camp area.

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Disabilities and Camping

disabled persons sign

Fortunately we were born within a generation that recognized disabled peoples rights and formed laws which instructs anyone owning a business such as a campground to make reasonable adjustment's to cater for those with a disability .

There are various camping safety concerns a person with disabilities or a carer has to consider such as, correct equipment to take, is the camp site going to be suitable ? can the persons medical needs be met? etc...

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